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The Laundromat

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age 16+

Untraditional narrative offers a scathing exposure of financial greed

A fantastic black comedy by Soderbergh. Oldman and Banderas are having a great time: part Dirty Rotten Scoundrels part Michael Moore is a ride of a film. Streep is spot on, per usual. The pieces can feel disparate but I think the through line of how greed affects those with less financial power and how elusive financial power is allows the film to come together and makes it entertaining to see how much we are all being screwed over financially.
age 18+

Boring story. Graphic pornography scene with 2 women.

Meryl Streep is always a class act which is why seeing her in this movie may surprise some. There is one pornographic scene involving 2 women - fully nude. This was gratuitous and cheapened the movie.

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Too much violence
Too much sex
age 15+

Very important message executed poorly

I wanted to love The Laundromat so badly, I really did. Well first of all, I thought this was going to be an actual film with a plot, it’s really not. It starts out that way but you find out as things move forward that this isn’t a normal film. This is more of a political statement about corruption than a fictional film. While the message this film preaches is extremely important, the way they execute the whole thing is just a mess. We spend the first portion of the film following Meryl Streep, Gary oldman, and Antonio Banderas, thinking that’ll be our film.... then we take a confusing hard turn and the audience becomes lost and ultimately uninterested because of the sloppiness. If they’d just made the entire film a documentary about what they’re saying.... it wouldn’t been great but instead we have this messy confusing film that just fails at juggling it all. Also, there’s profanity and an extremely disturbing visual of a woman’s heart being cut out.

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Great messages
Too much violence
Too much swearing