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Parent Written byPeterPi March 27, 2012

A good film that parents can safely take their children to

With a title like "The Lion of Judah" the theme is going to be Biblical. Everyone knows this. Taking into consideration that 75% of the American population are Christians and that Christianity is the largest faith in Europe as well, I am sure that most people would be interested in this film only for this: it is an oasis among a barren world of films on sheer nonsense, hatred, sex, occult and various forms of propaganda. While it is amateurish, this is mostly because no big company would support an openly Christian-themed animation project in this so-called 'post-Christian world' of the media and various anti-Christian reviewers. For example, rotten tomatoes 'reviewers' gave this 0% in the tomatometer when the audience liked it well enough (66%). Some reviewers are so desperate that they point to a 'violent' scene on the crucifixion: what hypocrisy! When the average cartoon on television shows vampires, demons, witches and so forth with far more violence than what appears in this film there is no mention whatsoever about this. Families should see this if only because the animation animals refer to Jesus Christ as 'The King'. There are good Christian messages throughout the film and in a land barren of anything good, this is one must see animation.
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Parent of a 3, 6, and 8 year old Written byLiveYourLife March 27, 2012

Good for older kids,not for your youngest tots.

A bit of scary stuff when Jesus is crusified,but i let my 3,6,and 8 year olds watch it the two older ones didn't mind, but my youngest was scared silly.I wouldn't let any kids under 5 watch it as they might be frightened
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Too much violence