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Adult Written bydavyborn December 14, 2012

A messy, bloody, poorly constructed movie, directed by a rapper. Yay.

For the past seven years, rapper RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan, and fellow Tarentino affiliate Eli Roth (Hostel, Cabin Fever) had been working together on a script for a kung fu film, putting all of there ideas and imagination into what can only be described as a third-rate Kill Bill rip-off. Now, when you consider that, for a moment, The Man with the iron Fists doesn't exactly blatently rip-off the Kill Bill films, I didn't mean the setting, or even the kung-fu aspect of the film. I mean't, primarily, the style of the film, the action sequences and the overall way the film is contructed. It just feels like it was directed by Quentin Tarentino after he had the worst series of shooting days in his life. Now, The Man with the Iorn Fists, is a kung-fu film that is essentially a tribute to 1970's kung-fu films, by rapper RZA, who also stars in the film as the man, well, with the Iron Fists. Actually, for much of the film, he is a blacksmith who is forced to create weaponry for a chinese village that is destroying itself after a wide range of killer clans take it over. Mucho f the film is situated in a brothel, which, as we later find out, is a place where they hide out, and where half of there stash in desired gold is also apparently being hid. Now, this film wasn't made for a lot of money, and it looks it. More over, the film didn't make much money at all at the box office, anyway, leaving this cheap, messy, and missed opportunity of a film to employ good, solid actors like Russel Crowe (What?), and Lucy Liu, as the brothel's deadly madam. So, all in all, The Man with the Iron Fists is a film that is mainly created to set up a lot of deceptively simple and lame fight scenes, forgettable characters, and, what's more, there is even a sequence near the end of the film where RZA's character explains why exactly a black man is living in a 19th century Chinese village, which even includes some stock footage of him as a slave in a deep south plantation, which feels like RZA's rejected audition tape for Tarentino's upcoming Django Unchained. So, this film just doesn't have the chops for real emotional depth, or back story, at all. But, than again, I suppose that you can't exactly fault a person for making a reasonably cheap film (the reported budget was only $15,000,000) and as a personal passion project of there's, but I still have to point the finger and blame those who come up with such miserable results. And, to think, that for the longest while, I actually was looking forward to this mess, beause of the sensational traielrs emphasizing some of the film's better action sequences, but, that is for another time. Now, this film is Rated R, and it is definitely not something that you want to show to even most younger teens, especially if you have already seen the film's action-packed trailer, already, but, here we go, anyway: The Man with the Iron Fists contains a non-stop, endless series of martial-arts violence and gore, with many, many shots of people being stabbed and hacked repeatedly with swords, people having there throats slashed, heads, arms and limbs being sliced off, and even, when the films climax comes around, the actual man with the iron fists gets a good go with other characters, allowing for further bloodshed to ensue. Also, there are several instances of sexual content, including one rather explicit montage of several couples having sex, with full moaning, thrusting and graphic positions reevealed, but never with any nudity, at all, even if much of this film does take place in a brothel, though. Also, there is occasional strong language, but most of it is only in song lyrics, but, still, it does include many uses each of f--k, sh-t, n-gg-r, a-- and more. So, is the Man with the Iron Fists really a worthwhile movie to spend an hour and a half of your day with? Well, to me, no. But, I suppose that there is indeed an audience for this kind of movie...somewhere. I am just not it. Oh well. Not reccomended.
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Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
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Adult Written bydarthsitkur November 7, 2012

OFF THE CHAIN!!!!!!!!!!

saw this on sunday and i LOOOOOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!, tons of crazy action and tons of blood, guts, and gore, this is a badass martial arts action thriller