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"Woke" reviews by Commonsense media

It's pretty sad that the "wokeness" has now even hit common sense media reviews done by it's staff. I will now stop all donations that I make to your organization. This woke cancel culture needs to end its stupidity. Seriously your review about the "cliche" of a white man savior rescuing people escaping across the border. Can you please explain what is wrong with that? It's quite plausible and why do you think people are lining up to come to America and yeah it's very likely the person on the other side of that fence is a white rancher. Focus on giving good movie reviews and end this cancel culture.
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I stopped watching after the main character "rescued" the kid from the Border Patrol station because his life was in danger. Jim noticed the cartel watching the station and that moment decides to grab the kid, put it in his truck and drive off right in front of them. Wasn't this even riskier for the kid? All these characters feel so cartoonish. This movie is formulaic from the go. It is full of cliches and simpleton takes, like Jim taking a full-body camera shot with a folden USA flag over his shoulder or his excessive use of "¿Comprende?". I can't even comprehend how stellar actors like Liam Neeson agree on being part of this type of project proper of a B-list actor. I love grounded movies based on the story, dialogues, and solid acting but they must be balanced with smart shots and well-thought-out camera angles. I didn't see any of this on the first quarter that I forced myself to watch before I quit driven out by a bland plot, telegraphed acting, and soulless direction.

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Too much violence
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Decent thriller has violence and language

The Marksman is a thriller/action typed film where a young boy and his mother are being tracked by the cartel, and when she is killed an ex marine must take him under his wing to bring him to safety, and away from the cartel as they are constantly on their tale ready to strike. VIOLENCE: The violence is strong for PG-13, but quite infrequent in its 1 hour 48 minute run time. A man shoots an animal eating another dead animal offscreen, but the bloody remains are shown of both animals, one with chunks ripped off and the other with a bullet hole in it's corpse. A woman has her leg impaled on a fence (bloody). The cartel and a man get in a shoot out with many firearms and one man is shot and killed with a sniper onscreen showing impact. A man enters a gas station and violently chokes an innocent woman, then we hear a gunshot outside heavily implying her death. A man kills an innocent hotel worker and slams him up against the wall (we see this from afar outside the window) and the screen cuts to him not being there, confirming him dead. A cartel member suddenly shoots a beloved dog in the head, mostly offscreen but the gun firing at it is shown. The dead body of it is picked up, thrown in the trunk of a car then buried. A man is pulled over by a fake cop and is cursed at to get in his car while held at gunpoint, but the marksman attacks and throws him on the ground and ties him up, but never kills him, then we see from a distance the cartel finds him and shoots him (we see the gun fire into him but the camera cuts) and the marksman tells the child to look away. A man snipes a cartel driver in the head onscreen, spraying blood out with the bullet hole still visible (up close, completely on-screen). A car flips over hurting many men with blood on them. Many men are shot in the head with snipers, but the impact isn't shown but them falling to the ground is shown. A man holds an 11 year old boy hostage, but then a huge fist fight breaks out between 2 men which lasts an extended period of time. In the fight, the cartel member shanks the other man's leg with a blade then is shot in the stomach completely onscreen showing blood. As he is on the ground suffering, the man gives him a gun and we hear him commit suicide from outside the building. LANGUAGE: Infrequent use of f*ck, sh*t and god damnit. OVERALL: 13+
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Maybe a little short of 4 stars

Actually a pretty good movie. The good guy has struggles in his life and the situation. Neeson’s portrayal of the impossible situation calmly keeps the tension of the story alive. The bad guys are really bad, but their portrayal is consistent with the real cartels. Perez plays the role of the boy well. The story might be a bit thin, but all in all, a satisfying movie. I didn’t notice the few swear words. The deaths were depicted but deserved. All in all, it’s with seeing.