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age 14+

The Messengers is Decent

The Messengers is a Decent scary movie. PG-13. I Give The Messengers 2 out of 5 stars and I RATE The Messengers AGE: 14. My Sister likes The Messengers. I Think The Messengers is Decent.

This title has:

Great messages
Great role models
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 13+

perfect for mature kids and kids who don't scare easily

I think it is a good movie for mature kids and kids who aren't scared easily it is a thriller/horror that for my daughter just keeps her watching and she loves the mistery in it with the family that lived there before them
not rated for age
not rated for age

Ok to watch with Family

The Movie is same old, same old. But if your family likes Horror movies, This could be a good time-pass. If your Kid can handle a little scare then its ok to watch it with them, Sex and language is at minimal but it can be scary for little kids. My nine year old watched it with her hands on her eyes most of the time, in the end she confessed she was watching through her fingers, yet the verdict was that she enjoyed it. And as these days most horror movies are just not made for kids, this one is ok for them. As far as adults are concerned they should only go for the sake of their kids.
not rated for age

Very scary and good

This is a very scary movie and it has some lanuage. for kids 15 and up! Some sexual attacking alson 15 and up
not rated for age


This movie is so freaky that i would not let any kids older than 16 watch it. This movie is a must-see.
not rated for age

Intense thriller!

I personally thought this was a really thrilling scary movie. It grabbed me in right from the begginning and made me want to watch more. There were some parts where it was so scary I couldn't even watch! I really enjoyed this movie and would definetly recommend it to anybody who enjoys a good scary movie!
not rated for age

I have found the non-gross scary movie I was looking for!

The messengers was a solid scary movie. It's not about mindless killing, and delivers some big jumps and scary moments. I thought that this was a fantastic movie, but then again, I haven't seen many scary movies. It did not frighten a 14 year old at all, but it may cause some people to stay away from old farms and imagine dead people growing out of walls =) The dead people do look frightening because their eyes are shown as the whites. This most likely will scare younger kids, but if your 13+ kid is not easily scared, this is a great alternative to those disgusting scary movies that are out there now.
not rated for age

Not violent, but still intense.

At first glance it may look like another "Grudge" movie, but it was more like an Asian version of "The Shining." Even though this movie isn't very violent, there are a lot of disturbing images that are too intense for pre-teens. The language is about average for a PG-13, but a lot of the language in this movie is used by young teenagers. Most parents wouldn't like the example that sets.