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Parent of a 5 and 7 year old Written byGOREROCKS July 2, 2010


loved it! awesome movie. I cannot believe the rating. i had my kids write what they think of the movie: I relly liked this movi! it was funny when the dad kiled everyone! I liked the part when it shoed the botom part of the dead guy. loved it!
What other families should know
Great messages
Great role models
Adult Written byImaRealist November 11, 2009

Great for kids 14+ up, make sure to point out the morals

This was a great film, I see that many of the reviews on this say that the ending was terrible, i would have to disagree. In the end a old couple a man and his son and girlfriend are escaping the city in their car only to run out of gas surrounded with monsters. Everyone believes that they are going to be killed slowly from the inside out as a man did earlier in the movie so he uses the four last bullets to kill (with consent) them. After killing his son and girlfriend he leaves the safety of his car to die at the hands of the monsters. Second later military vehicles roll past with soldiers. The moral people of the story that many people have seamed to miss is to never give up, even if only thing that awaits you is death.
What other families should know
Too much swearing
Great messages
Great role models
Adult Written bysarge123 October 2, 2015

Decent, powerful adaption is bloody.

What other families should know
Too much violence
Parent Written byPredatorman November 25, 2014

Dumbest Ending Ever

I mean seriously who makes everyone die at the end and then the good guys come? Either way besides for the ending the movie was pretty good the only other thing that caught my eye was the annoying women.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Parent Written bycharles daniels May 5, 2013

The most underrated horror film or all time

Ok, i understand why most people hate this film, and that's because of the depressing ending scene, but thats no reason to give the film 2 stars, it is well acted, well directed, and its suspenseful. Anyway, so the mist is about a bunch of people who are going on about their everyday lives (in the grocery store) when all of a sudden, a huge mist blows into town and surrounds the store, people soon discover that the mist is filled with bloodthirsty monsters just waiting for their next victim. To summarize it up, some people try to escape, they are killed off screen, the monsters break into the store, all hell breaks loose, a crazy lady with some twisted religion convinces some of the people that they need to sacrifice a guy to the monsters in the mist, some guy shoots the crazy lady (the moment we've all been waiting for) a boy, his son, a woman, and an elderly couple leave the store and run to the car, they drive off, they run out of gas, the guy hears what sounds like a monster, he kills his son, the two elderly people and the woman because he dosent want to watch them die, so he pretty much goes insane after that, he jumps out of the car and yells at the supposed monster hidden in the mist, he says "come and get me!!" hoping that it would kill him, but it turns out that it was a large military tank, followed by military vehicles (the were basically rescue) and the guy just screams and cries. The end. Anyway, as far as parental concern, there is some blood and gore when people are killed by monsters, but its nothing too graphic and a person is stabbed in the stomach and thrown out the store, and the ending scene is very upsetting, there isnt any sex, a couple makes out once but thats it, there is some uses of the word f--k and other moderate language but its infrequently used. so bottom line is, the mist is a great horror film and deserves 4 out of 5 stars, the ending does suck though, and the mist is appropriate for ages 13 and up
Parent Written byS0CKM0NKEY September 30, 2011

Not a Good Movie

This really didn't scary a bit. It was really offensive that they made fun of my religion. And the ending was really stupid. Acting wasn't that great.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much swearing
Adult Written byJavi Lavin July 18, 2009
This movie is simply not for kids but I think that adults and teenagers will not be bored by any of the scary, violent, and obscene moments that happen throughout it.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Educator Written byTHEBEST56 December 6, 2008
Adult Written byrosedb April 9, 2008

not good for young kids

this is a test
Adult Written byeric.owen April 9, 2008

Had to go home and watch a Hallmark Channel movie to recover

I love Stephen King! Until this movie. Terrible acting, way too much language, and as a parent the end was sick. Big space bugs...... Not scary or believable. King's genius lies in his ability to scare us with what is possible, e.g. Cujo. Oh well, the popcorn was good.
Adult Written bylaur April 9, 2008

A complete waste of time and money

I don't think I could've been more disappointed in a movie more than I was of "The Mist". The movie was unrealistic in view of the "monsters" and the character's reactions, as well as it's sick portrayal of anyone with any Biblically-centered convictions (anyone who believes in God or respects those who believe in him should not support this ridiculous movie). The ending left me with a beyond hopeless feeling that was hardly worth paying my money to experience. Don't waste your time. But if you still think you want to, wait til it comes out on DVD and then rent it.
Adult Written bybill_swok April 9, 2008

The ending was not at all like the book.

The ending was not at all like the book. Other then that the movie was okay. Just feel the ending was to final and was only looking for the shock factor. I would suggest if your look to see the movie, get the book. It’s better and also cheaper then going to the movie.
Parent of a 1 year old Written byGambleFam April 9, 2008

Waste of Money!! TERRIBLE ENDING!!!

This movie was a waste of time. I felt like the movie was choppy at times, some of the acting was bad, and it wasn't scary at all. If that was what they were going for, they didn't accomplish it. The ending was horrible. As a parent it made me sick to think that they would end it like that. They could have come up with a better ending if they really wanted too. Now I know why this was a blockbuster video exclusive....No other places wanted it!!!