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Very violent sequel has lots of action and peril.
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Adult Written bySam L. February 16, 2018

A Fun Time!

The Mummy Returns certainly isn't for everyone. It has a fair bit of violence with both guns and hand-to-hand weapons, but the most graphic exchanges take place between humans and mythological creatures and no blood is shown. Some imagery in this film may be a bit frightening for some, but nothing too extreme. There are some depictions of women in somewhat revealing outfits, but these are brief and not explicitly sexual. This addition certainly is less serious than the previous film, but it has a much greater Tin-Tin feel to it. All and all, I think this is a great film for families and can spark an interest in Egyptian history.
Adult Written byKalopsia November 9, 2017
First off, my rating is subjective, some kids will be more afraid than others because strangely everyone is different. That said this movie is a lot less frightening than the first, in trying to go bigger and more dramatic they somewhat fail and border on ridiculous. The effects are almost laughably bad, especially the main villain but that being said it's a fun movie.

Yes, there is very minor cussing in it but nothing to be alarmed by from a movie that's rated 12. (In the UK at least)

There are a few frightening moments that had me terrified as a young child but older children shouldn't be too afraid. There's a scene, much like in the first movie, where the mummy sucks the life out of people, this is off screen and done through shadows. Another scene depicts the scarabs eating people, again much like the first one. A lot of the scares in this are similar to the first, so if your child watched that with no problem, then they should be fine with this.

As always the main characters are likeable and funny and the new characters, like Rick and Evy's son Alex are very fun to watch. The villains are suitably frightening and ominous and have the occasional funny line too.

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Positive role models
Adult Written bykristen23 June 7, 2016

Wrong site!

This movie says G-D this didn't tell me of no swear words. it would have been helpful to know what truly is in the movie.

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Adult Written byMovieMan26 October 10, 2010

Violent, disappointing sequel not as good as first

I thought the first Mummy, although scary and gross, was great. This time around, we get a little campier, and it just doesn't work. Maybe for some people who didn't like the first, much scarier one, they would prefer this campier, more comic-book-esque adventure, but not me. Parents: although this one is campier, that doesn't mean that there isn't plenty of peril, violence and action, plus several scary images. There's some suggestive content and salty language. Bottom Line: Rent the first one if you're looking for a good movie. Rent this one if you want to take it easy. Thanks for reading! - Movie Man

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Parent Written byPlague February 26, 2010

The Mummy Returns

A nice sequel to The Mummy series. Way less creepy than the first, but really entertaining.
Parent of a 13-year-old Written byTsion June 25, 2009

Very Violent and Frightening...Not for Kids!

I saw THE MUMMY first, and then the third, since this one wasn't at my local library. The first was more of a horror film, and the third was more like Indiana Jones (which made me like it more). Well, I have just remembered the heavenly gifts of Blockbuster, and I rented this one to watch last night. It falls more in vein with the spirit of the first, and is filled with frightening images that will be too horrific for kids.
Lets start by saying that any kids who find half-decomposed people scary should not watch this film. The movie is filled with them, and they stalk the main characters everywhere and kill many people (in one such scene, a mummy sucks the flesh off a man's face into his mouth, leaving the man a skeleton). Little skeleton pygmie-monkeys (think Jack the monkey in PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN) impale and slice people with spears. Also, people are shot and stabbed by other people, not just mummies. A woman is almost burned to death. There are some mild revealing outfits and some passionate kissing, that's all. Language consists of one or two "d**n"s and one "go to h*ll". Though several of the characters are evil and self-serving, the main characters are kind, loyal, and sacrifice for each other.

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Violence & scariness
Positive role models
Adult Written bygreen_goblin May 8, 2009
Not good for 12 year olds and under cos of the intense scary scenes and violence.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byAshnak April 9, 2008

Decent Adventure Monster Film

Some may even say it's a Horror movie
Adult Written bytrojan51 April 9, 2008