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The Naked Brothers Band: Battle of the Bands

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age 8+
I watched this like everyday when I was 8 this was my favorite show. The butt slap was the most awkward thing and if anyone is influenced by that awkward contact then it's on the parents not the show. And so what there's people kissing? There was an intense kiss scene in scooby doo the live action version and I saw that when I was 4. I think it's funny I mean it's a little grown up but I think it's a good funny show for kids.
age 10+

What in the poo poo sauce?

I have this on DVD. Being a huge fan of NBB, I have ever DVD and CD of The Naked Bros. So an 11 year old is crushing on a 13 year old. Doesn't every 11 year old? Okay, it's wrong to date an 11 year old boy when you're 13. (I also have NBB pajamas, no lie) This movie was kind of stupid. I admit all acting throughout the series is pretty terrible. So don't be suprised if you see this movie. It's just another Naked Brothers Band movie.

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Too much sex
age 8+

A great movie! :)

This movie only had one questionable moment (in the beginning, when Nat was trying to prove he was a 'bad boy' in order to shift Rosalina's focus from Bobby Love, the rockstar, to him), and I have never heard of silly made-up words (i.e., 'poo poo sauce') upsetting anyone. This is a very age-appropriate movie. Whoever on the Common Sense staff that wrote the main review was obviously very biased against The Naked Brothers Band, and writing just to make this movie look bad. :/ This movie is hilarious (I love how Bobby Love is terrified of balloons and towards the end how the band uses that to their advantage), and the songs are great. The song L.A. is one of my favourites of theirs.
age 4+

I think this is a great movie!!!!!!!!!!

I saw this movie when I was six and I thought it was great. I don't think think there's anything wrong with it. I think this site is really stupid sometimes. I think a four year old could watch it! And I'm a big fan of the naked brothers band. And all the others who reviewed it said that It was great and that you are all knuckleheads. I am nine now and Nat Wolff from the naked brothers band is fifteen now. I love there show and all there movies. I really do think you are knuckleheads.