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This isnt a show for kids

This isnt a show for kids there for it needs ro be rated PG13, a boy and a girl kiss then sleep with each other in a sleeping bag, (note the boy is 12 and the girl is 15) they also use words like sucks oh my god and stupid and the show needs to stop the songs are about stupid things and they are not a real band and are trying to teach kids under the age of 8 not to beleav in santa

This title has:

Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
age 8+

This is one of my must-see summertime moves... :S

This movie was outstanding, in my opinion. I saw it the summer after 6th grade and instantly loved it. Some of the best songs from Season Two appear in this movie. It was very funny at times and at others pretty emotional. I didn't get much out of the eco-friendly subplot, but the rest was great! I highly reccomend this.
age 14+

It SUCKED!! :(

it was the most peice of crap ever, they're a bunch of wanabe kids who don't have girlfriends and by the way they act they're never going to get them. the don't even write their own songs the producers do, and they suck. I wouln't reccomend this bullshit movie for any child or adult.
not rated for age

it a good show

it's a great tv show.
not rated for age

Good for some kids, stupid for others

Alright, I watched this with my two little brothers and they laughed at some jokes and snored in other spots. Plot, sure it's all about the environment, but it truly fails to entertain. As the show is about a kids band, there is music with catchy tunes. I found it was appropriate for kids 5 and up.
not rated for age
not rated for age
not rated for age
not rated for age

please.... no more!

this was even worse then the show and the last movie!! it was very stupid and all their song sound alike. the ony reason the're on telivision is because their mom's a big- time producer!!
not rated for age
Polar Bears is a great movie! It has no violence or anything. I liked it!