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If you understand Native American culture and spirituality

this movie is the first and best movie I've seen that portrays NA spirituality, integration with the natural world, family and tribal life, generosity and intelligence. The long nature scenes and internal dialogs of Pocahontas and John Smith are the best parts of the film but persons who lack self-awareness, have never tried to understand another culture nor lived in one will lack the tools to understand what they are seeing. This is the central point of the film. And the cause of conflict. Time and timelessness are also cultural constructs- you live by the minute hand of the clock or you live larger, through the cycles of the moon, the seasons. Displays of reverence for the sacred through ceremony are also Native American symbols most non- Native Americans will totally miss. So I would say that the more boring or slow you find this movie to be is a clear indication of how little time you probably spend in nature, how little understanding or patience you have of other cultures and how little time you've spent contemplating your own. Fellow white people, get off your phones, the internet, and go out and meet some people who are completely different from yourselves. Spend time in nature without having to kill a fish or bird or deer for sport. And thank The Great Mystery, make an offering of thanks (tobacco) to the creatures that gave up their life to sustain you, for the fresh air, the clean waters, the trees and plants that shelter and heal you, for the sun and rain that nourish your gardens, every moment of every day...and it will change you for the better.

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