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not rated for age

Awful movie!

I thought this movie was awful from the start! The language was SO BAD, I turned it off 10 minutes into it! The “F” word was dropped about 12 times or more from the start! I never even got to see Robin Williams. It could have gotten better, but if there is language like this in a movie. I won’t even give it a chance sorry! Robin Williams is a great actor, but he’s best when he’s funny!
not rated for age


Robin Williams was a poor choice to star in this dismal film. There was little plot for him to shine with and the storyline could have used less nasty and more suspense.It appears to be a suspense film/mystery but lacks the substance for one. Instead of sticking to what is supposed to be a real event, juice it up and use it to expand on with more fictional and better writing it would have been a good film. This was not, and a waste of time to watch.