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So-so spy thriller has bloody violence, sex, drinking.
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Teen, 13 years old Written byTeenageCritic100 January 7, 2015

Bloody spy movie might be too gory for some teens.

This movie was decent- not great and in my opinion, a bit disappointing, though it did have its good moments. It centers around a spy out of retirement who has to fight his former protege during a mission. There's a lot of Russian stuff and to be honest, I was confused during some parts, but I got the general gist of it. This movie is extremely bloody and has some pretty graphic violence scenes. Most of them just include blood spurting out of bullet wounds, but it could definitely frighten some teens. There is a sex scene that does show nudity- a woman's backside- but it's too dark to make much out, but you definitely know that they're having sex. Characters are shown in a strip club, and you can clearly see topless women parading around in the background. There is a quite a bit of language and drinking and a disturbing scene that suggests a much older man is raping a young girl - it's later confirmed. Another woman is held by gunpoint and is cut by a knife in a bloody scene. Only mature teens should see this, and parents beware- there will probably be a few moments where you should cover their eyes.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Teen, 15 years old Written byGtaplayer June 8, 2016

Very violent but good story

This isent really for kids it has a graphic sex scene lasting for 2 mins sexual references and heavy violence a kid is shot and a guy is strangled to death with a garden hose before having his head smashed of a pole and there's a scene set In a strip club and always adult themes in sexual ways through out the movie language isent an issue for younger viewers but there is swearing defenatly no one under 14 or 15 i probably shouldnt be watching it myself but its a good movie and im not letting an stupid age spoil the fun unlike most heros the main character played by peirce brosnan isent a good role model he murders people in brutal ways including cuting a girl's archery and is offensive using verbal abuse and hand gestures and always uses violence to get his ways violence 9/10 drugs 4/10 sex 7/10 language 6/10 please note this is a more mature only version of James bond but only better i hope theres a second one let your kid watch it but there's a few scenes where you might want to block their view expecially the graphic sex scene you can definitely tell what there doing by the movement of there silhouettes sorry if I spelled the word wrong that I can identify and the girl makes loud panting noise

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Teen, 13 years old Written byswagasaurusrex February 22, 2015

good for Pierce Brosnan fans based on the book there are no spies

Well it was saying there are no spies- only assassins. At some point it just seemed like pointless killing and there is one stressful scene where Russian roulette is used as a torture mechanic. Also there is one or two sex scenes that are not very bad. A lot of the word f*ck