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Don't understand other reviews

Ok. I saw some reviews that said this is more like PG 13 quality because there wasn't a lot of adult content. So I proceeded to watch it with my 9 yr old. No there isn't a lot but what is there is not suitable for children. For example a man gets decapitated and its regret letting my son watch..its not suitable for children..adults fine. I picked to much violence..its not not but considering children. Any is to much!

This title has:

Too much violence
age 14+

Terrible remake has nothing special.

The Oman is very bland. The deaths are predictable.
age 15+

Don't even think about it

Now THAT's bad for a remake. Dull and scareless, this movie is not for anyone. I can't honestly say that it's unintentionally funny, but what I can say is that this film is awful, and much worse than pretty much all other remakes. The dialogue is meant to terrify you, but it doesn't work at all.

This title has:

Too much violence
age 11+

age 10-16

Good way better than orrigional, well done, but scarier than 1st film wait for age 10-12.

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much swearing
Great messages
age 13+

The Omen 666

Awesome movie. smart of them to release the film 6/6/06. Made it more scarier.
not rated for age
not rated for age

i laughed....

this movie was in a way sad because of how unintentially funnny it was. i cant believe i paid for this movie. it sucked. the only good part was when katherine was in the tub.
not rated for age

Great movie, but not R material

i went to this movie expecting it to be like the first, a little dull, but extremely violent! but this movie was a lot better than the first with an interesting storyline, but it did hold back on the violence a little bit. the gory scenes are a piercing by a spear, a head being decapitated by a falling sign, a woman falls about 40 feet in her home, a bubble is injected into an IV tube, a car explodes, a woman is run over by a car, and people are chased by dogs. everything else about the movie is fine.
not rated for age

Not R rated stuff

This is a great movie. Definately should have been rated PG-13. There is not any sex, there is moderate bloody violence, and the language is very brief. The only issue would be if Catholics get offended by the occult subject matter and I am Catholic and I was not offended in the least. I cannot say the same for my mother, who was deeply offended, but she has gotten over it.