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Emotionally resonant horror tale has children in peril.
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Kid, 9 years old May 26, 2016

Interesting and entertaining but disturbingly violent and scary horror thriller.

This very disturbing and sometimes gory horror thriller is about a woman named Maria and her husband Michael who own an antique eating place in downtown Mumbai. They have a small girl named Lucy, but their son, Oliver drowned in a car accident when Maria's car went off road. Maria blames herself for Oliver's dead because she couldn't save both kids. Filled with grief, Maria learns from her house helper/keeper Piki, that there is a ritual in which she can speak to her son through a temple that marks a line between the alive and the dead. Piki made Maria promise one thing, that she will not open the door, as if she does, bad things will happen. As predicted, she opens does, and before long, she notices strange things going on including seeing figures, and she soon realizes that Oliver is back. But is Oliver the same ghost/person Maria knows? Who will survive? Is Oliver really Oliver he seems to be? Violence 4/5: Disturbing, and frightening violence throughout which usually includes stabbing, jump shocks, drowning, dead bodies, and plenty of blood and some gore. A woman drowns in a lake (mostly off-screen), and her blood covered dead body is seen. A characters foot is briefly caught on fire. References to cannibalism and how a young girl drowned in a lake. Disturbing car crash flashback featuring gory head wounds, smashing, and a boy drowns to death in a car with his foot stuck to his chair. Gory maggot bugs are seen climbing out of walls, floors, and food. Gory hand of a dead child is seen. Jump shocks are frightening, and many terrifying scenes of creepy images and suspense. A dog is brutally killed with a knife with slashing and sounds of squishing and spurting blood are heard is briefly seen. Gory humans covered in the ashes of dead children seen. A man is stabbed in the stomach with a huge kitchen knife as blood pools and blood gushes. A woman is stabbed in the stomach with lots of blood pooling and spilling and she is killed. A young girl is stabbed in the leg with a knife and blood flows and she screams. A young girl is seen covered in blood but not injured or dead. Gory figure of a dead child with a broken eye and blood wounds. Gory arm bite with blood streaming down. A man is seen lying on a road with a twisted head and he suddenly twists snapping his neck. Bloody wounds. Screaming dead people are heard. A woman almost commits suicide with pills. Gory images of dead crows burning up. Locking up in rooms with bashing. Characters seem to be physically crazy. Sexual content and nudity 3/5: Sex scene featuring the couple involves brief thrusting, quiet moaning, the sides of a woman's breasts, bare backs and legs, and more. Implied sex. Sexual references. Oral sex is discussed once. Language 3/5: Infrequent, but fairly strong language includes one use of "f--k," two uses of "s--t," and a few uses of "ass," "bitch," and "d--k." Drinking and drugs 3/5: Characters are seen drinking in backgrounds. Bongs and smoking briefly seen in a background scene. This movie is very interesting, has character development, and is very exciting and entertaining, but very violent, disturbing, and gory. My rating:R for bloody horror violence, terror, brief strong language, brief sexual content, and one scene of alcohol and drug use.
Teen, 14 years old Written bycatelin_macdonald May 3, 2016


It makes you want to not go in your room at night.

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Teen, 15 years old Written bythePrettyDead June 24, 2016


It didn't make me jump out of my seat, so there you have it.
Teen, 13 years old Written bytruthexposer1306 March 7, 2019

As Long You Can Handle It Then It's a Great Movie!