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age 13+

Such a good movie!

I was amazed at how many verses they tied in from the gospels and covered so many tribulation topics in such a short time. Definitely entertaining and production value was crazy high PERIOD, but especially for a rapture film. Doesn't cover seals and so the timeline of the judgements is off from what most scholars teach, BUT they covered a lot in a little time if this is something you study. If you have teens and want to watch something scary w/them for Halloween, but keep it based off of truth it would be great. But I would say it is scary, so judge this based on your own teens. My husband and I loved it. Fun to see a different kind of rapture that captures the real words of Jesus about some of the earth phenomenons that will happen.
age 13+

The Common Sense Review

First of all, this movie is a definite, "Don't bother." My main concern, though, is that whoever wrote the Common Sense review is either horribly uneducated on the book of Revelations or just totally phoned in their review. If you're talking about tentacles bursting out of people's chests and referencing Cloverfield, you're not reading the same Bible I am. If this is the evangelical view of Revelations, then evangelicals have become a vindictive lot...a vindictive lot with their own secret copy of Revelations that the rest of us haven't seen.