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age 18+

Disturbingly terrifying!

The Ruins is one of those very different, extremely gory and terrifying horror films that is perfect for true horror buffs. This was awesome! I know some who love it, I know some who hate it. It centers around American couples Amy (Jena Malone) and Jeff (Jonathan Tucker) and Amy's best friend Stacy (Laura Ramsey) and her boyfriend Eric (Shawn Ashmore) who are enjoying their time at the beach in Mexico when they meet a kind German guy Mathias (Joe Anderson) who offers to take them to see a remote Aztec Temple in the middle of the jungle. As interesting as it sounds, they of course accept it. However, things turn into terror as soon as they arrive when they come across a heard of armed villagers who cannot understand English and seem to only want to kill those who trespass. The friends are then stranded on the temple full of vines and a deep underground cave where sounds of a cell phone is mysteriously heard, however they know it's next to impossible that a cell phone would work underground but their suspicion gets the best of them. After Mathias falls down it and breaks his leg, the girls must embark on a journey down under to find the cell phone as it's their only hope when they actually discover that the creepy vines that surround them are alive...and evil. Can they escape the ruins before they're all devoured? The language is strong from everything to f-words and sh*t to @ss and hell. Violence is BRUTAL and extremely strong, gory and bloody with a graphic gunshot to the face, graphic use of bow & arrows and knives. A man falls down a cave and breaks his back and leg, his pain is intense. A child is shot in front of everyone. A man who's leg is decaying has to get it chopped off with a knife (very explicit and gory), lots of screaming and yelling, lots of arguing. Vines laugh, repeat people's words and eat at human flesh. A woman has vines growing inside her body and has them cut out of her resulting in extreme blood and gore. Same woman starts to cut more vines out of herself realizing it's impossible and that she's going to die. Vines eat away a body that has just died. A man gets stabbed in the chest. Vines force their way down a mans throat and he chokes to death. A rotten, decayed woman's corps is found wrapped in vines (showing she was struggling to get out at one point). A woman is chased by villagers. Scenes are sad and very frightening. Sexual content includes a bet resulting in oral sex happens between a couple, you see her straddle him on a bed but the scene then cuts. Men and women seen in swimwear. Women wear slightly suggestive clothing. A drunk woman tries to seduce a man she just met but fails. A woman accuses her boyfriend of sleeping with her best friend because of moaning sounds she heard (which is not the case), a woman gives her boyfriend a hand-job under a sleeping bag so nothing is shown but is obvious. Some crude sexual jokes throughout. There is a rowdy scene of alcohol drinking and alcohol later used to ease a mans pain. Overall, incredible acting & great film for only strong stomachs. 18+ ONLY.

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
not rated for age

Don't Waste Your Time, and certainly not for kids!

Don't Waste Your Time, and certainly not for kids!
not rated for age

It was ok.

This was an okay movie, alot of gore and violence though. I would say it is definately not for children under 17.