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age 8+

not like the book at all

This is the WORST adaption of one of the most brilliant books (The Dark is Rising), I detest what they turned the book into! It made me want to throw up.
age 12+

Despite some cool effects, this book adaptation disappoints

When I first saw The Seeker in theaters a few years ago, I thought it was so good. But when I got it on DVD a little while later, I thought it was just OK. First off, I would like to point out that there are some good special effects. But it can't overshadow a poor narrative, wooden performances, and lousy directing. I want to still like The Seeker, but I just can't quite. Content issues abide in violence, some language, lots of consumersion.

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much consumerism
Great messages
age 10+

Cool, but a little intense.

I loved this film! It had action, fantasy, and a young hero. Oh, and some time-travel. However, my siblings got scared. The scene with the police is too scary for kids.
not rated for age

Key To Time anyone?

This is good but it seems like it's based on doctor who The Key To Time not The Dark is Rising series by Susen Cooper. Christopher Eccleston was the best part of this film,so if you love him in Doctor Who or anything else wzit for dvd just for him so you can skip other parts.
not rated for age

good movie if it wasnt based on the book

i agree with the reviewer about it shouldve been more like the book, but it had very good morals and it wasnt too intense(except the snakes and the police officers). i liked the movie a lot, but i suggest reading the book first. books are always better!
not rated for age
This movie was very boring I went and saw it with my best friend and it was very boring. I will never watch this movie again
not rated for age

Pretty good, kind of original kids fantasy

I went into this movie expecting ordinary, blah kiddie fantasy stuff. I guess I was pleasantly suprised. I felt like the movie was not quite mainstream, with some creative camera angles and original touches. There were a few syrupy moments, my belief did not always remain suspended, and the scene where he sets the windmill on fire made me laugh a little (GRAAAAAAAHHHHH!!) But overall it was pretty entertaining. The only content issue could be some creepy, jittery sequences that will probably scare little kids. But anyone above 8 should definetely be fine.
not rated for age


Honestly parents, you should read the book (if movie is based on a book) before taking a young one to a movie based a preveiw that is 30 seconds long!! This site says its too scary because of snakes and ravens and The Rider. You would have seen all that coming is u READ THE BOOK 1ST. And another thing, this site keeps saying that the movie is awful because they changed the story line completly. With most movies, they leave out very inportant details *ahem* Eragon *ahem* and thats y the movie is not good. But because they changed the story line completly, u dont focus on what they left out and can enjoy the movie! And the dark special efects were SWEET! Agian parents not for those little ones one scare easy. Great movie, go rent it!!!
age 2+

Pretty good adaption with a loss.

The seeker the dark is rising was a perfect childrens fantasy book. Many people would say and will say things about this movie such as 'The screwed up', and I agree partly. It was a very good movie. It wouldn't have been so bad if i hadn't read the book already. Outside of that i give it a thumbs up.