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This was a decent movie, don’t know if I’d rewatch it or not but I’d say worth a watch if ur interested in a horror movie about blood drinking locusts. The acting is decent. Pretty disturbing tho. A poor, defenseless puppy is fed to the vicious locusts (u hear the poor animal cry and whine as it gets eaten alive, but it’s offscreen) a goat gets swarmed and eaten, and is found dead and covered in blood. A woman cuts herself and feeds her blood to the locusts so they breed. Later the locusts attack her half-healed arm, making it bleed more and she is seen graphically picking out parts of the locusts from her bloody arm. Lots of fear and violence overall, but fine for 12+
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Creepy crawlies

Overall , I thought this was an entertaining and well made movie . Acting was good , I liked that it was in French and it kept me interested the entire time. I’m not bothered by gore to much in general but to be honest , some bits in this did creep me out. 1 . The mother is so desperate to feed the locusts that she sits in the enclosure letting them feed off her. She feeds the dog to the locusts ( don’t see it but you can hear it whimper) and towards the end you can see lots of blood and two bodies covered in bugs. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone Under 14 but if you’re teen or tween can handle some gore then it’s ok .