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The Three Lives of Thomasina

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age 13+

It's so sad!

After the cat dies, the daughter is sad and ingores her dad this quote was crazy "Now you made your father angry" "No I didn't, my fathers dead" omg!

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Too much violence
age 3+

One of the Best Films ever! A Masterpiece!

This film is appropriate for everyone and it's very gentle. No Sex or Nudity, no gore, no violence except for when a cat is injured by falling crates, no swearing at all, no alcohol or drugs but a scene when two men smoke. Thomasina (the cat) dies and the Children create a funeral for her but she comes back to life. Overall, she gave three of her nine lives to Mary McDuhi and her father, A loner Witch Lori McGregor and all three of them together. Lori is a great role model. She cares deeply for animals and understands life well. On the other hand Andrew McDuhi (a vet) is stubborn for most of the Film but at the end changes. GREAT FILM FOR CHILDREN AND A GREAT FILM FOR ADULTS AS WELL.

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Great messages
Great role models
age 6+

good movie, nothing bad at all

oh please, CSM, kids aren't that stupid. If you think your kid will be upset that there pet didn't come back, dont let your 2 year old watch it. I haven't seen it in forever, but I do remember it being quite good.