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A good movie based on H.G. Wells' classic novel.
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Adult Written bymomma888 February 21, 2020

I wish I could go back in time and unwatch this terrible film.

NO. Just pass. If you are even like HMMM maybe a good historical film? or something sci fi and exciting the whole family will adore. NOPE. Let's talk about the opening. Emma, his love, dies by murder twice, he can't get over this, so just like any normal coping mechanism of grief he builds himself a time machine. Ok. we all grieve in different ways. But some how he ends up in the future past when the moon falls apart into a mysterious village where a beautiful tribal woman takes care of him. Seems all good for a little while. Until these wild APE MOKEY ZOMBIE VOLDEMORT creatures come out of no where and spit rocket poison darts into just generally decent human beings back for no reason. They have to run and flee for their lives. People are screaming for their lives as they are being dragged into sand tunnells. SAND TUNNELS. Not a night time film. Not a feel good film. We later find out there is some demon zombie reptilian creature man who controls the monkey voldemorts because if he didn't the monkey predators would eat all the people food. The people are the food. THE PEOPLE. DON't watch this film. EVER. Read a book. or play with sticks outside first. PLEASE. The ending was not satisfying at all, It felt like I was at the dentist and after 4 hours of being drilled into with no novacaine they were like....oh looks like we have more to do. NO AGE should watch this film. WORST. and I mean bad. Namaste.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byOpticalpig February 10, 2021

Very entertaining and has great special effects

I think some of the other reviewers (ReviewerEgo for instance) have no idea what good entertainment really is. I viewed their other reviews and had to laugh at what movies they gave 5 stars to?!?
Anyway, this movie is definitely worth a watch. H.G. Wells story is so amazing considering when it was written... 1895. This isn't a modern screenplay, as much as it's a reflection on our ability to envision the future.
ReviewerEgo's completely drab and shallow review could be applied to any great movie and turn it into a couple of crazy negative sentences.
Don't believe it. Watch it and judge for yourself.

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Positive Messages
Adult Written byReviewerEgo December 31, 2020


They show a woman being shot in slow motion right after getting engaged to the main character and the blood pouring onto snow when the fiance picks up the body. Soon after this, a strong swear word is used (not an F bomb though.). Again, shortly after, a woman is run over off screen. Kind of corny special effects, but I've seen worse. Apocalyptic scenes. Semi-Jumpscare from scary monster. Speaking of scary monsters, some invade a village in the year 802701. Their leader later has all his flesh melted off, showing only his skeleton. May be disturbing for younger children.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byDuvel January 24, 2020

Great movie, if you watch the whole thing

This movie is very good with absolutely no sexual energy and a rather fantastic attempt at HG Wells book, mainly modernization of some elements. There is violence but I think the ultimate message the movie portrays is excellent.

Other reviewers mention skipping parts and and stopping the movie. How can you review something without viewing it in its entirety?

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byLeaMc September 27, 2018

Scary but nothing risqué!

In this day and age we are hard pressed to find a movie without one of the big three. Violence, sex and language.
Well, this one had no real bad language, and no sex.
Violence was there, as a tragic event sets Alexander in motion to build the Time Machine.
The monsters were scarier than I expected.
My six year old was able to cover his face for a while and still get the idea of what was happening. In hindsight, he shouldn’t have seen it.
Our older kids were already into the movie by the time the Morlocks appeared, so we let them watch it.
It made us want to read the book!
Plus I got to see Jeremy Irons.
Adult Written byKrbbup June 1, 2010

Watch the first twenty minutes and then turn it off

My brother and I went to rent some movies for our family and I picked this one up thinking it would be like Indiana Jones and Sahara put together. We started watching it and it was good....up until it gets to the part where the jungle people show up. The story is about a 1900's scientist who goes to ask his girlfriend to marry him. However, she dies right afterwards when they are robbed. He then sets out to make a time machine and go back to save her, but when he does, she dies a different way. So, not he goes into the future to find out why it keeps happening. This is where it gets weird. He goes to some huge numbered year where the people are primative and live on the sides of cliffs. He finds out that they are being taken by these weird goat monkey people to some place. These things are ugly and very weird looking!! He then finds their hideout and their boss who is this ugly, bleached warrior man. He then tells him that his girlfriend died because he was ment to build the time machine....we fastforwarded some of it, so the story is a little fuzzy. He then kills the ugly guy, blows up the machine and the goat monkey people and then stays with the jungle people (there is a girl and her brother that he stays with). All in all, a very dissapointing movie with a stupid story and weird characters. We should turned it off after the good part. Thanks and may GOD bless<><

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byAshnak April 9, 2008

Decent Sci-Fi Action Movie

The Original Movie was better
Adult Written byTheShaman April 9, 2008

Fun movie

Time Machine seen it about 15 times just keep watching... Very well done from the original, stays within the original framework, with just better effects. If you havent seen this re-make its worth the hour and 1/2 of your time.
Adult Written byCSM Screen Name... April 9, 2008

Excellent remake - too intense for sensitive viewers

I really liked this movie. It was well done and seemed very believable. My 10 year old daughter was very upset by the too scary monsters. I recommend it though for older kids that are not on the sensitive side.
Adult Written bySpud April 9, 2008

Good for most of the family

The violent content in this movie is about as tame as most PG movies. There isn't much except for a few ghoulish special effects, no worse then the action scenes in a Ghostbusters movie. And with the exception of one rather strong expletive in the first half of the film, there is hardly any language. There is one part of the story that kids might be disturbed by. At the beginning of the movie a woman dies right after the main character asks her to marry him. He's so hurt by the loss that movie takes on a pretty depressing atmosphere. But that's the worst of it.