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age 12+

Its honestly okay for your tweens/teens to watch

I am a very protective parent so I was not going to let them watch this movie. Then i deiced to watch it one day because i felt bad for my babies because they really wanted to see it ( there 13 year old girls twins). After i watch it I called them down and told them I will let them they could see it and i already rented it! they were so happy! The movie is complety fine. It is not scary (at least i didn't think it was or my daughters). It was kind of boring to me but they really seamed to like it! So in conclusion you should let you kids watch it, it was fine!

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Great messages
Great role models
age 11+

My kids loved it

MY daughter is 14 and my son is 13 and they wanted to see this movie for while i just never really looked at reviews i just thought they should not see it. Then i looked it up one more time and then watched it and i was wrong to think they should not watch it! It is not bad i mean it really cant be its 2 kids. It was not scary. i let them watch it and after they ran down to eat and they could not stop talking about it they loved it! I was so cute to see them so happy! it is completely fine for 11+
age 12+

You should just let you teen watch it

My daughter wanted to watch it so bad (she is 13 so i always look up the moives) and so i looked it up and people were saying it was fine for your kids to watch if they are 13+ so I let her watch it and i watched it with her! I thought it was a great movie! she loved it you should of seen her face! she loves brooklyn prince thats why she wanted to see it so bad! But over all i think you you let you kid watch it there was nothing bad about it it was two kids and a nanny. It was not even scary i asked if my daughter got scared and she said not one bit (she gets scared over tiny things two) I think you should let your kids watch it if they really want to!
age 12+

Floria Sigismondi failed me

One of my favorite actors is Finn Wolfhard, so naturally I had to go see this film upon its release, especially because Finn would be switching from his usual hero role to portray the villainous Miles Fairchild. I left the theatre pretty disappointed and confused. The plot was a hot mess and was basically a clipshow. The extra scenes in the DVD release didn’t help the plot any more. Even though I wouldn’t recommend the movie, I personally think Finn Wolfhard (Miles Fairchild) and Brooklynn Prince (Flora Fairchild)’s acting is what kept me invested in finishing the film. I would recommend their other works such as Stranger Things, IT, Home Before Dark and The Florida Project respectively.
age 16+

Dont waste your time!!

Most movies have explanations during the course if the the end as a adult I was totally confused w the abrupt ending. Did explain anything..why the female was being terrorized or why??
age 17+

It's pretty horrendous

It's honestly not that inappropriate. It's just so confusingly terrible that those (more or less) under 17 will surely get frustrated.

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Too much swearing
age 12+

Going nowhere fast

It wasn’t exactly the most boring film I’ve ever seen. It’s almost like they had an idea for a movie but didn’t have an ending so everything you learned while watching it and hoping for the big reveal just ended abruptly with the author trying to convince you that you didn’t see the things you saw. I couldn’t recommend a movie any less.
age 17+


Complete waste of time