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age 11+
I enjoyed it but some scenes may confuse younger viewers and they might not understand it.
age 13+
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age 10+

Pretty nice movie, not so nice ending

This would have 5 stars if the ending made more sense. It's not a bad ending, but its so hard to wrap your head around. I also don't understand the high age rating, I mean, it does mess with your head but its not overly gory and has not got a lot of swearing at all. I really did enjoy it, though, unlike many of the other people writing reviews. The acting is so great too, so I would recommend watching this movie!
age 11+

bad ending

Great movie and horror lovers will love this! But tbh the ending sucked. !!SPOILERS AHEAD!! the whole movie is the question on whether Kate is crazy, the kids have some sort of super natural powers or whether quint really did haunt the house. The ending just leaves more questions. So if you have a really curious kid that asks a lot. Just be aware you may not even know the answers. But i also feel this is part of the movies vibe. Not much violence just jump scares. Nothing sexual just some weird kind of things like quint taking pictures of misses chissel in her sleep, and miles kisses kate(NOT IN A SEXUAL WAY) which im taking in as a way to show how miles doesnt know much.
age 16+


very disturbing

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 14+

Dissappointing ending

age 13+

The ending is confusing, but the acting is great and its fun to watch

This is a very entertaining movie, and the acting is superb, but there are some plot holes, and its a bit confusing. But with that said, every moment of watching had me on the edge of my seat, and not many movies can do that.
age 2+

Terrible and not scary

I’m a big horror fan. I’m also a fan of Home Before Dark, Stranger Things, and It, so I was happy to find a horror movie that had some recognizable actors/actresses. I can’t believe I even bought the movie. How is this rated 14+? Because Miles says the f word once? Because a PAINTING shows breasts? Because a minor kisses his nanny? Because there’s noises that sound like assault? Oh my gosh, what is wrong with that? How is that inappropriate? No, I wouldn’t want my kids saying the f word or knowing about assault, but come on is it that bad? No! The ending was terrible. Why would I wanna watch a long movie that ends in two cliffhangers that make no sense and are irrelevant? I wouldn’t waste another 10 bucks on anything like this again. Totally added to the worst movies ever list.
age 12+

I liked it.

I know that most reviews say it’s bad,but I don’t know why,but for some reason I really liked it.I taught it was quite interesting.I would say that it’s wort watching.As for what age it’s appropriate for,I honestly think that anyone can watch it,because there’s nothing really that scary and there’s almost no gore.Thought maybe some people might find it eerie,but it’s really not that bad.Smaller kids probably won’t really understand it too well,especially the ending,but if they want to watch it,I think that parents should let them.If you’re still concerned ,you can watch the trailer.