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Adult Written bylmtrav October 11, 2015

Really depends on the kid

I saw this movie when I was about nine or ten in school after my teacher read us the book. I remember thinking the book was great until the kids got turned into mice. (spoiler, they get turned into mice by the witches) After that, I was pretty shaken up, frightened, and disturbed. Lot of kids in my class liked it, a lot were like me, and a lot were pretty indifferent. The movie scared me pretty badly. I have not seen it since and do not really want to, but I think if your kid like Roald Dahl and likes the book, they probably will like this. It is not a bad story, but I think you have to use your judgement. In my opinion, there are much better Roald Dahl books that still have that dark humor he is known for but are a bit happier and not as freaky. Matilda is probably my favorite and really great. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is good too. Try some other of Dahl's works first before this one to build you way up.
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Too much violence
Educator and Parent of a 9 year old Written byRunesong October 13, 2011

Great choice for tweens who are not up for blood & guts!

This movie begins with a definitely old world feel which may be a little weird or creepy for today's American kids & I think it's meant to be a little ominous & foreboding. There is just enough grossness & scare for tweens while remaining completely free of the usual blood, guts, & body parts, explicit language, or inappropriate sexual situations. The villainess is convincing in this classic good verses evil plot, but the main character shows us how anyone can become a hero born of necessity. He also demonstrates important values such as keeping a positive attitude under less than ideal circumstances & a desire to help, & even befriend, those in need despite his own troubles. I didn't know about the book all these years, but I'm definitely going to find a copy now that I do!
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Great messages
Great role models
Too much violence
Parent Written bySetanta February 4, 2012

One of my favourite children's films.

Brilliant quirky film where the baddies and the pretentious get their just deserts.
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Too much violence
Parent of a 8 year old Written bytheantons July 24, 2010

Makeup on the Witches a little TOO good!

In all fairness, we were unable to complete this movie, so opinions such as "not a good movie" "bad messages" etc will not be included here since seeing the Entire Movie is essential in those opinions. However, be warned that the movie begins ominous and bleak. The fact that Luke;s parents die is difficult enough, but the scariness of the characters are pretty intense. It reminded me of those campy, horror movies where the acting is near-comical, the dialog is clumsy, the camera angles Batman-like (where the floor looks like its at an angle) making the "horror" part almost kitschy. But, the outright scariness of the "Lead Witch" (anjelica huston) was way too much for my 7 year old son and 8 year old daughter. We had to turn it off. Having said that, these are kids that have seen two Indiana Jones movies and Young Frankenstein (its scarier to kids than you might think) with no real problem. I was kind of surprised by the scariness of The Witches. Perhaps because the target of the witches is little kids? What is scary to one kid, is not always scary to another. And what we DID see seemed like a pretty good movie and story. I just wanted everyone to be fore-warned. Even the sight of Rowan Atkinson (he played the Hotel Mgr) couldn't temper the scariness for my kids on this one.
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Too much violence
Parent of a 5 and 7 year old Written bysarahughart June 24, 2014

Good movie

My daughter read this book in her class in first grade (age 7) and we read it concurrently at home as well. At our last trip to the video store we stumbled upon it and had to see it. My daughter pointed out all the ways in witch ;) it differed from the book.