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age 15+

This is a great horror comedy, but it has some intense violence and lots of harsh language.

This movie will not be for everyone. That's almost a guarantee. However, if you do like it's style and tone, then you will most likely love it. The characters are well written, the acting is great, the comedic timing is fantastic, the scary parts are genuinely pretty scary, and the story keeps you hooked. However, while this movie is billed as a horror/comedy, it is not at all focused on making you laugh out loud. Most of the comedy comes from the performances, dialogue, and other small things. So don't go into this expecting a hilarious, laugh out loud comedy similar to Shaun of the Dead. But if you are willing to look past the lack of in your face comedy and give this movie a chance, then you will not be disappointed. Now as far as kid friendliness goes, I'd have to say it's best for mature kids. I think kids younger than 15 could watch this movie if their pretty mature, but I'd say 15 + is probably a good starting point. VIOLENCE: 8/10 People are mauled by the monster, one lady has here arm ripped off and blood pumps from the stump. Graphic dead bodies are shown with lots of blood, the victims are usually in very bad shape. Bloody crime scene photos are shown on multiple occasions. A dead body is set on fire and a dead dear is found with some mild blood. Dismembered limbs are seen being put into evidence bags. A severed head is found in a bag. A guy pulls his tooth out, but it's meant for comedy. A dead body is found shoved in a trashcan and his head is the wrong way, (this part isn't very bloody, but is probably the most disturbing part of the movie). There is a very graphic stabbing, the victims coughs out tons of blood and a lot of blood then pours from his mouth. A fairly graphic shooting is shown, with bullet holes appearing in the victim's head and blood splattering on the ground. The ending is very intense and the film overall has a very dark tone. SEX: 3/10 There's some mild stuff in this movie, but nothing to be too concerned about. LANGUAGE: 9/10 There's a lot of language in this movie. Basically every swear word is used, with the most frequent being f**k and sh*t. While there is not as much swearing as movies such as Goodfellas or Pulp Fiction, there's still a lot, and almost every swear word is used in a very harsh context. DRINKING, DRUGS, and SMOKING: 8/10 There's some cigarette smoking and vaping, but that's nothing kids haven't seen, so it shouldn't be a problem. However, the main character is a recovering alcoholic and starts drinking again due to the stress he is under. His relapse is pretty intense, as he passes out, crashes his car, throws and breaks stuff, and yells at his daughter. A character is also shown smoking meth and injecting heroin into his hand. A side character dies from an overdose. Overall, The Wolf of Snow Hollow is a fantastic movie for horror fans, or for anyone who just wants to watch a good movie. I highly recommend it, and if you can tune yourself in to this movie's, unique style, you will not be disappointed.

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