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age 7+

Excellent Family Movie

This movie is precious! Has strong family ties. If there was any cussing I don’t remember any. I see a review below claiming that they were trying to sneak in “bestiality”. That’s crazy, NO WAY! This movie is one of the most family friendly movies out there and has a great story line. My 3 year old sat still for most of it and watched intently. Everyone in our family loved it. Ages 3, 7, 10 & 12. The only possible trigger points I saw: There is one comment from one of the children in the movie “ Mommies and daddies have babies when they love each other.” It is meant in the sweetest most sincere way and not in a sexual way at all. There is one other comment where a child goes to his mother upset because a kid in class was teasing him and said that he “had AIDS“ and then the child asks “what is AIDS?”. The mother in the movie brushes it off. Basically tells her son that this girl is a bully and that if she does it again to tell her that she “is fat“. Part of the storyline is that one of the twin brothers dies in a gun accident. This family lives on a farm, so having guns around is very natural. Nothing is shown, you only are told about how the boy passes verbally. None of these things bothered our family, just wanted to mention them Incase they are a trigger point for yours.

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age 18+

If you care about future generations, don't let them watch this

This movie is "artsy" but not in a comfortable or cute way. There are some questionable scenes, especially one I had to blink at, where it appears the 10 year old boy is imitating bestiality. It was probably meant to go unnoticed or be "subtle", but these "suggestions" are noticed by Protectors of the Innocent. The themes are from the realm of pedophiles, perverts and psychopaths. This was like a turd in the pool & made up my mind for me: I will not suggest this movie for ANY children, even if they would not understand what an adult will discern. WHY movies such as this one are made to look innocent and then deliver inappropriate undertones is beyond me. It feels like a creepy type of grooming, from which all innocents must be guarded. All I can do is say it out loud, because I know I personally have tried to be careful what I feed to my kids as entertainment, and I would want someone to tell me! I mostly object on the grounds that themes are introduced in this movie under the warm, stylish, and nostalgic cover of slick cinematography and production. This is like drinking a milkshake with only ONE teaspoon of diarrhea in it. It is exactly what thinking people have come to despise about Hollywood.
age 13+

Don't be misled by the PG rating...

I saw the rating was PG rather than PG-13 and presumed it to be appropriate for my 7 and 9 year old boys. Wrong! Every time I fail to consult Common Sense Media before selecting a movie, I have regrets. I rank the quality of the movie higher than CSM - I thought it very good, very well done. However, CSM did a great job summarizing the story line. I so wish I had read it before viewing. The tragedy became the center of the story as the movie progressed. The description of the accident scene is detailed and the saddness was just too heavy for my boys. And I was quite taken aback by the father's swearing!