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Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines

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Common Sense Media Strikes Again!

This was the first film that caused me question common sense media's reliability as a site. I bought this film on their recommendation that it was fine for kids "7 and up". I was shocked and embarassed by how much lewd and suggestive content got stuck in this film. One character, the Frenchman, is an obvious womanizer. Not just that, he treats woman as sexual objects to obtain. He slaps them on the bottom, leers at them, and isn't interested in them for anything but sex. This could be amusing if it were being treated as wrong, but the film expects us to laugh at and CONDONE this type of behavior. Some of the Frenchman's behavior is seriously unfunny. At one point, the film makes it obvious that he is in the process of deflowering an older man's virgin daughter off-screen. Then, the villain makes a joke about it! Is this supposed to be amusing? Plus, there is partial nudity in this film. During a Titanic style nude drawing sequence, a woman's bare back and lower bottom are visible. She covers herself relatively quickly with a towel, but I was so disappointed and upset at this scene that I considered turning the film off right there. The language in this film is also unacceptable. I never heard the s-word used, but the characters in this film use the d-words and h-words many times. Now, you may be thinking, "What is this prude's problem? None of that stuff is that big a deal." I would more or less agree with you that none of this stuff is that bad compared to other films, but the fact that this film is targeting families raises it to a higher standard. It should be squeaky clean, and it simply isn't. Plus, while the content may not be ridiculously over-the-top, the film's sleazy view of sex and its lack of any apparent message makes it a poor choice for my family.

This title has:

Too much sex
Too much swearing
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Leave it alone

Nude posing for painting seen from behind. Suggestive situations.

This title has:

Too much sex