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Adult Written bynduns March 9, 2010

An average film

Which admittedly I did actually go out and buy... Anyway, the story is good and this films is devoid of the annoying plot twists that are common in Don Bluth's other 90's films. The way the seasons shift over the course of a day is very interesting. The songs are also really good, including the ever-underappreciated "Merry the Mole", which is a villain song so kids aren't supposed to learn anything from it. What I don't like about this movie is that after the long 20-30 minute intro to the story, the rest just feels rushed. Plus, Thumbelina herself is one of the worst characters ever thought up by Bluth. I have no problem with love at first sight, even though that idea had been scrapped shortly after The Little Mermaid, but my god, Thumbelina is a ditz. In every scene, she's literally struggling to stand up! What's more is that she's a hypocrite. She can't make up her mind! Every time one of the random villains/good guys start singing about what they think she should be doing, she immediately changes her mind and agrees with everything they say... wow, what a maroon! Despite that, it's still a good film, just not one of Bluth's proudest.
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Great messages
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Parent of an infant year old Written bystrawberryummies February 16, 2013

Judge for yourself before you show it to your kids

I used to watch this as a kid, and loved it from a young age (3 or 4). When I was a bit older, my mom disclosed to me that she always hated letting me watch it because she always found it incredibly sexist. Thumbelina is constantly being coerced into things she doesn't want to do (usually in the form of arranged marriages), and is always in need of being rescued, be it from her Handsome Prince, or her friend the swallow. Not to mention, on more than one occasion, Thumb's skirt gets hiked up a little too high for my comfort level within a kid's movie. However, there is something about this movie that keeps bringing me back to it. Even as an adult, I enjoy watching it. Maybe it's for the pure sake of kitch, maybe nostalgia, or maybe it's because deep down, it's really a quality, Don Bluth (AKA, the poor man's Walt Disney) feature shouldn't be dismissed just because of it's sometimes overwhelming sexism. I'll probably show it to my son someday. But I might hold out until after I've introduced him to Xena Warrior Princess...
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Too much sex
Parent Written bySmart Viewing October 22, 2011

Parent of four-year-old

I have a 4-year-old, and we found this movie too dark! The storyline contains mostly stressful situations for the heroine (and comparitively few happy moments) once the action starts. The movie's ending is happy, of course, but JUST. Many references to death. Inappropriate words, such as "shut up". I found the mushy embraces and love between Thumbelina and the prince, as well as the theme of forced marriage to both the frog and the mole, not to mention the beetles' physical attraction to her (singing that he's "hot to trot"), to be inappropriate for my daughter. Not subject matter I want her dreaming about tonight.
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Parent of a 2, 3, and 8 year old Written byLove 1 April 21, 2011

Food movie for kids. Buy it

Yes love it. Is there going to be a #2? We need another one.
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Great messages
Parent of a 2 and 4 year old Written bywheelsup July 12, 2009

Nice movie for fairy lovers and young children

Lots of nice, Disney-like music written by Barry Manilow. Story follows the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale pretty closely. The best thing about this movie is that my 4 year old (who is terrified by witches, ghosts or anything that could be remotely scary) can watch this by herself and enjoys the whole show.
Educator and Parent of a 2, 4, and 6 year old Written byBarnesfam October 28, 2015

Poor in every way

This is no pleasure - the animation is weak, the songs muddled and the singing and speaking weedy. But the reason I created an account here just to review this film is the awful, awful way in which it characterises women. I've not got the wool pulled over my eyes - I know what Disney is like - but this was worse than anything I'd seen before. We stopped watching after maybe 20 minutes, with the full agreement of the kids. Thumbelina cares for nothing but finding her man, and he must be a prince. That's not unusual in Disney, but there was nothing else about her. Nothing. She falls in love as soon as she knows her suitor is a prince. Then she gets kidnapped by a Mexican frog who fell in love with her. There might be a hint of racism in there too. His mother (think Jessica Rabbit but a badly done frog) seems to want to teach Thumbelina to be a salsa-dancing siren. As she started jiggling her improbable bosom, and swinging her backside in a grotesque parody, I had had enough and switched off. There was no artistic, comedy or musical appeal that provoked any of my kids to protest.
Adult Written byhomealonefan123 November 22, 2014

A bit sloppy, but a worthy Don Bluth animated classic!

Don Bluth, one of the prime examples of animated films, he has made some good movies, and he has also made some bad, and when i say "bad", i mean god awful films, but this one is only in between good and bad, is it just descent. Thumbelina is not a great film, but when it comes to being a Don Bluth film, it is one that is worth seeing, but only one or maybe twice, depending on your taste in movies. If you're a die hard Don Bluth fan, this is sure a recommendation!
Parent Written byangelisti5que February 10, 2014

better to my knowledge

Up to their discrimination.
Parent of a 2 and 6 year old Written bymom25c October 3, 2009
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