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Parent reviews for Thunder and the House of Magic

Common Sense says

Charming animated adventure is magical for little kids.
Based on our expert review

Parents say

age 8+
Based on 32 reviews

Kids say

age 7+
Based on 2 reviews
Adult Written bysarahw2 October 1, 2014

Too scary

I took my almost 6 year old and almost 4 year old to this movie. I liked the description of it being "charming and magical" - but this movie is quite scary. There are only a handful of scenes that aren't scary. Spooky house, scary masks, things jumping out, menacing dog, mean rabbit and don't even get me started on the nephew with the gun. The worst thing was it was all rather unnecessary - it didn't improve the story or make it more exciting.
Adult Written bykok1922 September 8, 2014

Not So Interesting

It is NR (non-rated) and I'm not sure why. Is it because it is a Belgium film? At any rate, it is the story of a cute cat, Thunder, who loses the family he lived with during the moving process and he takes up in the Magical house of a magician with lots of mechanical toys that come alive and one mean duo of live animals (Rabbit and Mouse) who want Thunder gone. The elderly magician has a nasty uncle who tries to steal the magician's house out from underneath him. I read the reviews before I left and it said that there were a couple of "damns" and a "gun" but that it would be best for little ones. The deranged uncle - toward the end - chases after the cat with a rifle shooting repeatedly at the cat at point blank range. My kids aren't used to seeing violence and, so, for my 6yr old, it was really terrifying and not in a good way at all. It isn't a short scene either- it goes on for quite some time. That aside, the film is just kinda boring. I think the kid is too violent for 5 to 6yos (at least for my kids ) but too boring for older kids.
Adult Written byAndreaTD December 12, 2014

Disappointing and scary for young kids

I'm confused by the 4-star rating and the description of the film as being charming. The "acting" (the voices for the characters) was not very good. There is a lot of negativity in the movie, with much of the action including mean and violent behavior. There is a long scene with a man chasing the beloved main characters around shooting at them with a shotgun. And indeed "damn" is used several times. The old magician and his magical toys are delightful, but unfortunately do not get enough development or attention in the movie.
Parent Written byBrian H. December 2, 2017

Not G or PG!!!

3 “damn”s and a “what a dick.” Not sure how the reviewers missed those but should be considered PG-13. Also not a very interesting plot for those who are old enough to appropriately watch it.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Parent of a 6 and 8 year old Written byjenniferp11 November 20, 2015

Hello Curse Words!!

This cartoon has a rating of TV-G, so I was so surprised to find out that there were at least 3 uses of the word "Damn." We were watching with the Closed Captioning on which made it so much worse. The cartoon was not bad and had an overall good message, but there was no good reason to to include language. Also, the nephew of the magician attempts to shoot up the house with a shotgun. It was not slapstick like Bugs Bunny. It was a man firing a shotgun at a cat.

This title contains:

Adult Written byjasonh2 February 8, 2015

Not appropriate for children as profanity is used.

If you want your child to learn how to swear and use curse words, then by all means watch this "children's show". After the word "damn" was used twice, I cut it off. I am aware that curse words bring curses and I would prefer me and my children be blessed. (Matthew 26:74)
Adult Written byJessica S. September 24, 2016

Apalling gun violence

What begins as a charming story for children is completely destroyed half way through by a violent and mentally deranged gun stalking assault where the nephew character coldly and grimly pursues the lovable animal characters through the house, repeatedly blasting at them with a shotgun. Why was this necessary?? Its like the writers ran out of creativity at that point and lost the plot to mindless brutality. There were so many other ways they could have handled the storyline without gun violence. This level of violence is totally out of step with the tone of the rest of the movie. Complete downer, I would not let my kid watch the rest of the movie. Rock bottom apalling.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byhegester October 3, 2015

Extended Scary Scene With a Gun

Parents should know that there is an extended scene where Daniel (the bad guy nephew) chases Thunder the cat through the house with a gun, clearly attempting to kill him. He shoots at Thunder several times as Thunder runs away and tries to hide, and as he is chasing him he is talking about how he is going to kill him.
Parent Written byC. M. July 11, 2017

Shocked at the language

My 3 littles (5 and twin 4) wanted to watch this movie b/c the main character resembles our cat, Oliver. It's a talking cat and talking things...would normally be totally fine (it's rated G after-all). Until about 10 minutes into the movie when the cat is initially thrown out by the bunny and mouse and as he is walking away says...I kid you not..."WHAT A DICK" This is rated G for pete's sake!!! And what makes matters worse, is that i was making dinner for the 1st showing and I just happened to be standing there for the 2nd round viewing trying to round up everyone to the dinner table and just so happened to catch it. Now I see there's a few "damns" in there too with awful gun violence and very scary scenes being thoroughly absorbed into my littles brains just waiting until the perfect moment in the middle of the night to scare the devil out of them with nightmares. But really?! Dick?! in a PG-G movie? I mean, a cartoon movie with cute, talking animals?... What were these people thinking?! Obviously parental guidance means squat. Unless you don't mind your 5 year old saying "what a dick" to someone in his kindergarten class. ...the lesson here is preview 1st!

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byMelissa F3 November 20, 2015

Cute but bad language was REALLY unnecessary.

This movie looked like it would be funny to watch. Shame on the creator and all involved thinking injecting foul language is suitable for impressionable ears, minds and hearts. I do not recommend it.

This title contains:

Parent Written byAlyssa S. October 28, 2016

Offensive Stereotypes

It doesn't even matter what the story is about. My child is watching it right now and enjoying it, but I am appalled at the many racist stereotypes in this movie. Yuck. How was this made recently and how are other commentators not upset by this? I don't mind a few mild swear words and I dislike guns in kids' programming, but racist depictions of minorities, I cannot abide. These portrayals are so unnecessary and totally irrelevant to the story. It's great to include a diverse cast, but then do so honorably and not so that the characters are caricatures of racist stereotypes. Shame on all the people involved in making and distributing this film. It's too bad that a cute movie is totally lacking in class. I'm seriously cringing. I can't wait for it to end and I'll be telling my son that it was "erased" after we watched it so we can't watch it again.
Parent of a 3 year old Written byjackied April 6, 2015


Great movie my son loved it.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written bycatspajamas January 20, 2015

excellent tale

My 6 year old thought this movie was great. She didn't think it was scary at all. There was a little sad part at the end where the cat is presumed dead where she teared up a little, but all was well when Thunder was back in action.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Parent of a 4 and 7 year old Written byNicole R. April 21, 2017

Great Engineering and Cooperative Story

The first start of the story can be a little frighting to children but with some encouragement they can see the joy/funny in the scary moments. After that, it is a story about cooperation, trust and thoughtfulness. There are some great talking points on engineering mechanisms and Rube Goldberg type machines. The movie also keeps magic "magic" and helps build character develpment for children imagination.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Parent Written byAshley B. October 7, 2017


Not as magical as expected but not as terrible as some said
Adult Written byDesi23 July 26, 2016

Adult content but good

I let my kids watch it because this website said ages 5 and up, but I did hear 2 curse words, (da--) and there was a Butt crack lol. And a guy with a gun trying to kill a cat
Adult Written byMikeJ 1 February 15, 2015

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Parent of a 1 year old Written byAleigh B. April 4, 2018

My boy loved it

As much as I cannot stand cats my son had to pick this movie to love... but I’m totally fine with this movie, yah I read about all the moms complaining there’s the word damn but I mean really, what do kids hear in every day life? Worse. They could have eased up on the nephew with the shotgun trying to shoot the cat scene, but honestly; my son has seen me shoot many cats with our pellet gun to get them out of my flowers or off the cars. Oh and there is no “what a dick” phrase. I read many reviews saying this. Thunder says “what a day” after being thrown out of the magicians house. All in all, my son loves the movie and if I need to have about an hour to get something done I put on Thunder. I like the teamwork message and the don’t let anyone put you down or bully you message. Thunder stands up to the bully rabbit and mouse and I really like that they filmmakers put that in. Especially now days where kids are told not to stand up to bullies, or they expect others to do it for them. It’s realistic and doesn’t paint a silly picture that the world is sunshine and rainbows. Which I’m seeing a lot of in today’s kid shows and movies. All in all we have it saved in Netflix and we’ll be watching it again, unfortunately again and again, and again... (he really likes this movie haha)

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Parent of a 2 and 5 year old Written byhamwax May 27, 2017

Pretty rotten

This was one of those movies that just felt like it was completely drive by the computer guys in the CGI department. There is no plot, no character development, nothing at all but a bunch of random action for no reason at all other than to show off the whiz-bang 3-d effects.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Parent Written byShrilah C. April 19, 2018

What crap!

So bummed that I only looked at the common sense rating & not all the great parent reviews. The extended gun scene where all the animals (esp Thunder) are so threatened goes on way too long, the characters are underdeveloped (and I don’t set a super-high bar!) and this is just not good content. The charm goes away quickly. Little ones can’t understand the extended gun-shooting by a creepy character.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness