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age 16+

Some language

This movie was terrible. My family, and I, thought this version of Tom sawyer sucked. What a loser movie. There are lots of language, more than you can expect in this movie. R: strong language throughout.

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Too much swearing
age 8+

Tom Sawyer with furries and country music

There's an all star country cast in this furry adaptation of the classic book. There's an on screen murder but it's bloodless. Injurin' Joe throws the deputy and the blow from being tossed is what kills him and it's bloodless but still frightening for small kids. Everyone is a furry voiced by a country music celebrity or something and there's some characters that are poor role models. There's flirting between characters and Tom Sawyer is a Tom cat with two lady cats Amy and Becky. Huckleberry Fin is a fox voiced by Mark Wills and Becky the be cat's singing voice is Lee Ann Womack. It's pretty faithful to the original but because it's made more kid friendly it's butchered in parts of the story. There's flirting between characters and the violence is just barely within the G rating. The animation isn't the best but I can recommend this to country music fans because there's alot of country music and voice acting or people who like kids movies with furries.

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Too much violence
Too much sex
age 10+

Read the story first... 10 yr. and up.

Ok... this is a pretty faithful retelling of the story, which means: kids witness a murder, see the bloody knife as it's place in the hands of an unsuspecting drunk who is ultimately charged, many references to dying from drinking too much, the murderer breaking in the home of the boy, the boys hiding from the murderer, a couple of "damns"... sigh... an unacceptable movie in today's politically correct world. We see Tom get 10 lashes for taking the blame for his girlfriend... in school right in front of everyone as they cried... flashes of the boys' bare buttocks as they swim while they hide out on the island from the murderer. I was going to show my 2rd graders, but I can only imagine the complaints and letters of apology I'd have to write. It might be appropriate for 10 year olds after they've read the book, but I sat and pre-watched it with y 6 year old after reading the review here at this site, and had to gloss over things like the murder, and the murderer skulking around... sigh.

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much swearing