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Tommy Boy

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Alluring but inappropriate for younger viewers; appropriate for its intended audience.

While this movie isn't for children or young teens because of things like drug use without consequences, skinny dipping, etc., older teens have a good deal to learn from this movie. I'm talking about things like loyalty, teamwork and working with people whose personalities are different than your own. Viewers will notice how Tommy and Richard initially can't stand each other but later adapt, as both change and learn to accept the other, including their faults. The only honest criticism that can be made is that there's no mention of Cedar Point. It is set in Sandusky, home of Cedar Point, after all. That park gets customers from all 50 states.
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age 12+

The most inappropriate thing about the movie....

Is, hilariously enough, that a movie called "Tommy Boy" is set in a town called "Sandusky." Not kidding. Other than that, the edited TV version is fine and about what you would expect from a Farley movie. Idiotic time killer that has some laughs for kids. My 11 year old got bored enough that he went outside after 20 minutes of it, so perhaps it's not that engaging for some children. 3/5 for a (edited) kid comedy, 2/5 for adults....
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