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age 12+

Decent idea gets boring quick in bland "action" film.

This film is nothing but parkour with no real plot or story to tell. If I wanted to watch people do parkour I'd just pull up YouTube and watch for free. It is cool at first but when you realize that's all they do in the film it gets boring quick. From what little I can tell, a man gets into some financial troubles with a gang (who is apparently ran by an old lady for some reason) and joins a gang of parkour thieves to make money to pay off. That's it. There isn't any depth, chemistry, or development among the characters or any real action (besides parkour) throughout the story. What could have been a decent popcorn flick at the least turns into a boring experience of people jumping off things since it fails to make you care for anything about it. Again, if you want to watch people do cool parkour stunts, just watch it for free on YouTube or something, don't waste your money on this
age 13+
I enjoyed it. Not great. Sexual. Don't watch if you mind your kids seeing kissing scenes. 16 and up is outrageous. It is not even close to that bad.
age 15+

Dumb and Violent Crime Thriller

This film, I feel, dragged quite a bit, didn't have a good story, and was quite violent. The violence wasn't as frequent as some others in the genre, but it was strong, fairly graphic, and intense. I did not care for the movie and don't really recommend it, especially not for tweens and younger teens.

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much swearing
age 16+

Slick actors can save pretty dumb,very graphic parkour thriller.

My rating:R for sequences of graphic violence,some language,and racy content.