Kid reviews for Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising

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age 9+

Good but scary for young ones

This was a good movies but the predcon zombies could scare younger kids. This was nice too.
age 9+


It was super cool! The plot was sensible, the animation was beautiful, the characters, as always, had great voices, and there was no language but a little bit of bloodless, non-gory fighting that still may look scary to a young child since it's in 3D. Unicron, surprisingly, is in this movie and may look scary to your younger child. Megatron, by him, was raised to life and then came back to Cybertron with an even more intimidating look than he normally has. It doesn't turn out bad in the end at all, because the Decepticons are no more, bu the sad part is when Optimus (unfortunately) has to go back to the Allspark (their way of saying he had to die.) This may disappoint your children as well, but it still is a great movie that'll be good and greatly entertaining for any 9+ year old.

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