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Too much unbelievable stuff that is out of context with reality.

This is not really a kids film as a lot of the jokes are adult jokes and themes. As opposed to the original buddies film and snow buddies, the parents of the buddies (golden retrievers) and the (kid) owners of the puppies do not make an appearance. This removes a lot of the warmth that was in the other previously mentioned films. Also having puppies looking for treasure alla Indiana Jones just for their own sake seems like it is very far from reality. For example, I can imagine that dogs would look for their parents (original film), or pull a sled (snow buddies), maybe even, go to the moon (space buddies), as this is something that although far fetched, seems plausible at some point in the future. Also a lot of glamour seems to be put on the buddies as legendary, almost superheroes, as exemplified by the monkey talking to his nephew. None of which is really necessary. The puppies intrinsic values is that they are cute and innocent, and their relationships with their owners and the parents (which is mostly lost or gone from this film). Here they are portrayed as We are here to save the world. Wouldn't recommend this film as this teaches "values"of self adulation.
age 5+

Ok for 6 and up, some 5s.

Violence is mild, on the order of cats threatening to scratch dogs, and falling rocks, and ineffectual bad guy, etc., but still would *not* let a 3-yr-old watch it. And for me, not a 4-yr-old either. On the plus side, the gang cooperates. This isn't much of a movie -- your kid would be better off playing, but if you can't watch them, this will do. Storyline: B-, acting: C-, characters: C-, settings: B+.

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