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age 12+
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Adult Written byTCK December 18, 2010
age 10+

An Epic Movie For Today

LOVED every single minute of this epic movie. Ignore the idiotic critics and go see this on the big screen before it leaves.
Adult Written byMammoth January 3, 2011
age 12+

If there is a lot of empty space up top, these aren't for you (or your offspring)..

First of all, after reading many of the reviews here I just have to say that many must not be from very intelligent people. First of all folks, THIS review is SUPPOSED to be for the ORIGINAL Tron from 1982 (check up at the top); NOT the current Tron: Legacy. Secondly, BOTH movies have a target audience of very tech savvy individuals, and if you're not, then "you won't get it". Tron (1982) was WAY ahead of its time. This is why it "flopped" (as one poster bemoaned). It has had a very loyal (and ever growing, with technology) following since then though. Tron was cinematic magic as producing "those" graphics at "that time" seemed impossible. They were amazing for their time, but I get the feeling most here can't appreciate that. And you people taking kids around 6, 7, 8, etc to see this... what (if anything) were you thinking? "It's Disney or PG so it must be OK for all kids"? This is NOT an average kid's movie (and again, based on the reviews here, not for most purveyors of this site either). On a side note, my friend brought his 11 year old child to see Tron: Legacy, and she loved it. Yes, SHE. But she is not your average kid, she is very intelligent. Very shallow, simpleton thinking here. Nothing wrong with that, but I just don't think this was a movie for most of you here, and therefore you shouldn't be saying it was bad... but instead, just that it didn't appeal to you as you didn't get it. For me, I love the original, and I really love the new one. It's awesome! I had two people in their 20's over to watch the original for the first time first, then we went and saw TRON: LEGACY and just got back from seeing it for my 4th time in IMAX 3D. They "got" both, and loved both, and we talked about them for a long time afterwards. We are planning to see it yet AGAIN. Also bought the soundtrack as it is AMAZING. I was going to write more here but I have just realized "what's the point"? The Trons are "thinking people's" movies. I suggest most here stick to movies like "Tangled", "UP!", and "Despicable Me". Not that those are bad movies, I've seen all of those and they are very good, but they are also very easy to follow and not much thinking or analysis is required; just good old, simple, disposable movies. Tron is "different", and it's GREAT, if you have the aptitude.
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Adult Written byslh7 December 26, 2010
age 17+


TERRIBLE!! I asked for my money back and got it.......and number of other people did, too. No plot, poor acting, and the graphics and special effects were nothing to write home about, even in 3-D. They should have learned from the original flop in the 80's.............who makes a sequel to an original flop?? This one is just too bad for words. Need to wast a few hours and your money, then this is the show.
Parent of a 10 year old Written bySandlot812 December 31, 2010
age 10+


BORING and weak plot. My ten year old son said was the worse movie he had ever seen. Cool visual effects but that does not come close to saving this movie. No concerns of inappropriate violence, sex or language - or of a story line. When characters die they break like glass and disintegrate - not really gory at all. No sex or drugs to speak of really. Glorifies running from the police though in the first scene. The hero speeds through traffic on his motorcycle and evades police by turning off his headlights and speeding off.
Parent of a 9 year old Written bysons4me2 December 31, 2010
age 10+

can not recommend this one

My sister and I took our three children 13, 9 and 6. They enjoyed it we did not. When pressed to tell us the story line none of the children could explain the movie other than to say the one guy was looking for his dad.
Parent of a 14 year old Written bydavidl73 December 27, 2010
age 10+
Took my two 14 year old girls to see it. First, violence... wow if that was violence... then you really need to watch the video games your kids play. One drop of blood to signify that the Son is a User. The story is a little harder for younger audiences to follow... so that is the only reason i say 10 +. Clean entertainment that you can take your Family too. The kids liked it more than me.. I was a it harsher on the slower parts of the movie. But The content was far from dark, scary, or intense. More like video game action of the old days. Popcorn fun is what i would label it. Don't need to see it in 3D, not enough things popping out at you, not enough dimension to really need to watch it in 3D. But fun day at the movies
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Parent of a 6, 6, 8, 8, 12, and 14 year old Written byparentsof6 December 20, 2010
age 12+

Kids under 12 won't understand story, more battle scenes than I expected

My husband was very enthusiastic to take our six children (twin 6-year-olds, two 8-year-olds, a 12 and 14-year old) to this movie. I figured it is a Disney movie, rated PG so most likely ok. I even read the other reviews on this site before taking them. The previews alone were enough to frighten the 6 and 8 year olds due to the content and "dark" feelings. They were hiding their faces through most of them (we're talking about kids that have seen Transformers 1 and Harry Potter.) Once Tron started, it was apparent 10 minutes in that the story was beyond the scope of the five youngest children. Even our 12-year-old had several questions throughout the movie... "who's that guy, again? Is that his dad? I thought that was his dad?" I would say 12 is the youngest that could grasp the general concept of this movie. It is also VERY slow moving in parts, leaving the younger children awfully restless. Much of the movie had battle scenes that were gladiator-style. While there was no bloodshed (with the exception of one drop), I still felt it was pretty violent and dark. I think the little kids came away with the perspective that the "white/blue guys were killing the red/yellow guys," and one guy was trying to find his dad. My husband, a big fan of the original Tron movie, was very disappointed in this movie. He said very little related to the first movie, and it was very boring. The graphics were good, but the story was weak. Not a movie I would buy or recommend taking small children to. Glad we didn't waste our money on the 3D tickets!
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