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A suitable staple for halloween viewing with grade school kids

For a Disney Channel Original this movie is exceptionally watchable. Messages are good, threat is mostly mild (but slightly …not mild), the villain is obvious from the moment you lay eyes on him, and the comic relief even made my wife laugh. The ending can get a little intense in a way that will bore older people but could frighten the ones closer to 7, but nothing a blanket to hide under or a close hand to squeeze wont immediately ameliorate. The themes are blatantly blasphemous to a very thin, specific, slice of conservative religious viewpoints. So if that’s you, definitely avoid this. Also, if that’s you, stop yelling at people who have different beliefs and rating family movies 18+.

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Too much consumerism
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age 5+

Great movie! Must see!

Loved it! It was a great movie. I was even interested in it. I'm not usually into all of the magic, as we are strong Christians, but this movie had such a great message and although the girls are witches they are like the good witch of the north from the wizard of oz, only doing things for good. They are defeating darkness, and bringing light, does that give you a clue? The girls are great role models and there is a great movie plot. I, as an adult even love the movie! It is a must see!

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Great messages
Great role models