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Adult Written byunclesam September 1, 2011


The movie is very accurate. The movie shows pure truth and i believe everyone should watch it so that they can open there eyes to see what's happening to most immigrants crossing the border.
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Parent of a 9, 11, and 14 year old Written byJoeSherer November 25, 2011

Must see!

Important themes, compelling story, wonderful acting, and a heartwarming movie for the family.
Adult Written byTV-14-DLSV Teen Boy April 1, 2012

Under the same Moon is Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Under the same Moon is a Cool but sad movie. But whats a coincidence is that The Main Character's name (The Boy) his name is Carlos (but they call him Carlitos). My First Name is Also Carlos and my whole name is Carlos Ivan Perez and I'm 14 years old. Well I think this movie is entertaining. (But it can be disturbing for kids so I Recommend it for People 14 or older). I Give this movie 3 out of 5 stars and I RATE Under the same Moon AGE: 14+. MPAA RATING: PG-13. Under the same Moon is an entertaining movieI Hope you like Under the same Moon. If you don't like Under the same Moon then it's a shame because I Think It's Cool!
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Adult Written byMentoring Mom April 9, 2008

I can NOT believe how CSM rated this movie!

This is one of the best films of the year, and certainly one of the most socially important! I saw it with my husband. Although we have very different views on the subject of what the country should do with undocumented aliens, we both agreed this film accurately portrays some of the issues. The two girls I mentor (ages 10 and 13) also saw this film. Their opinion is that EVERY "white" person needs to see it to understand what life is like for "Mexicans." These girls were both born in the United States, but they have told me stories of people they know being shot at "like dogs" as they try to enter the U.S. Beyond the moral dilemmas posed in "Under the Same Moon," it is simply a great story of a little boy's struggle to find his mother against impossible odds, with some of the best acting, writing and directing that I've seen in quite a while. Sheesh, let us down on this one!
Adult Written bynena1 April 9, 2008

sad but true story for many famillies

Adult Written bythenewguy April 9, 2008
this is a good movie, because alot american people don't know how hard is for us to came here and be discriminados for all people and they don't know how much money the goverment take from the paycheck and we din't see that money like social sec.
Adult Written byscorpiony April 9, 2008

Important Topic- Issue on Immigration

The US is country founded on immigrants fleeing their native lands to discover opportunity, realize dreams, and find hope in a new land. This movie exposes the truth of the new generation of selfish Americans that wish to close the doors of opportunity that was once left open freely to their own forefathers. Such hypocrisy needs to be exposed so we can educate those blind to the struggles of Latinos living in this country doing their best to survive and progress in a foreign land just like our forefathers have. **Also, very important to be shown to children of immigrant parents that this is the harsh reality their mom and dads go through to get them here; and to better prepare them for the harsh reality of what life is like in the united states for an immigrant: discrimination and treatment as second class citizen.
Adult Written byMoises April 9, 2008
Good movie. Real truth about inmigrants and it's good to know what happen from another perspective
Adult Written bydius April 9, 2008

I kept telling myself "don't cry it's not true" But it IS true....

I am 3rd generation Mexican-American lets face it the only thing Mexican left is my last name. I am also a high school teacher and I see "Carlitos" in so many of my students. I'm not going to write about it being a great "melodrama with comedic undertones" simply put... This movie makes you feel makes you's been days since I saw it and I'm still thinking. I know I will never look at my recent immigrant kids the same ever again. I kept telling myself "don't cry its not true..but it IS true and happening right at this very moment.