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Parent reviews for Underwater

Common Sense says

Kristen Stewart sci-fi survival thriller has scares, swears.
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Parents say

age 14+
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age 13+
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Adult Written byRar0274950 January 10, 2020


Not a family movie. Too scary for my liking. The focus of making the movie scary took away from the storyline. Waste of money.

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Adult Written byBillSchrier January 20, 2020

The Usual Journey through a Frightening Place with Monsters

This is a knock-off of Alien, as stated by other reviewers. However, unlike Alien, the humans work as a team to complete a journey to what they think is safety. Strong women lead the team. In Alien, the humans went one by one into a dark spaceship and were dispatched by the alien creature. Here the frightening aspects include collapsing underwater structures, the dangers of being in a dive suit (running out of oxygen) as well as the underwater monsters, which are not really too humanoid and therefore less frightening. I took my ten year old (she asked to go) but she likes horror flicks with monsters. For most kids I recommend you take the PG-13 to heart because of the sudden scary scenes.

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Positive role models
Adult Written byCineCraig January 13, 2020

Drowns in cliches

Far be it from me to knock anything that counts “The Abyss” as its main inspiration too harshly but “Underwater” really is just kinda “blah.” It’s kinda like a 60 million dollar student film in Ridley Scott/James Cameron 101 class.

Kristen Stewart is Norah, a technician on an underwater rig who soon finds herself, along with some co-workers, having to work their way further down to some escape pods when the top half of the rig ends up flooded and destroyed.

The movie clearly is going for mood above character and plot, something which is established really well in the introductory scene. From there it’s a pretty treacherous journey walking through the rubble of what’s left of the rig, some of which is fairly intense. A scene where a character in a suit is introduced to water pressure doesn't quite reach the level of Ed Harris’ epic descent in “Abyss”, but here it’s a highlight despite its PG-13-ness.

Less effective is the jump scare-reach-out-and-grab-a-character stuff. It’s a cheap horror movie cliche and being that a lot of the action is filmed within the murkiness of the deep ocean, really not all that visible anyway.

Deep-sea alien life is introduced although not much of that makes a lick of sense, nor does the movie’s implication about the company all these people work for possibly having some nefarious intent.

Stewart (sporting an Eminem hair-do I guess is supposed to say “take me seriously in a big budget movie”) ably steps into the role of action heroine and in a better movie one might even say she plays a character. As is, we know she’s a little bit ahead of everyone else mostly because her name is above the marquee. Everyone else from T.J. Miller (I guess he was supposed to be comic relief), Iron Fist’s Jessica Henwick (who here is nothing more than a jittery side piece who screams at stuff a lot), and Vincent Cassell (playing the Captain) may as well be playing “Aqua-suit Guy 1, 2, and 3”.

Overall “Underwater” is a movie that occasionally makes you want to take notice but just try and sit through the many lulls without getting the urge to check your phone. Now that’s pressure!
Adult Written byajdctx January 12, 2020

PSA: Parents if you don’t like scary movies, than don’t watch them. Just because it scared you doesn’t mean it’s bad, it means its effective. Now THIS movie shows how scary a PG-13 film can REALLY be!

This movie is not for the faint of heart, I’m going to start off with that. the violence isn’t graphic at all and just includes some blood in the water and splatters (similar to movies like jurassic world, maybe even less so). But scariness? That’s a whole different story. This film is filled to the brim with terrifying sequences, most of which are set in almost pitch black darkness, and alot of times shown in a found footage style, which in this case actually works and makes it even scarier. Even scarier is the fact that we never know what type of monster will jump out when, and when it does it often is very sudden and at the screen, shown through a flashlight POV. Honestly this felt like follow the red dot the movie, to me. That being said, while this movie is potentially nightmare inducing, it also is extremely fun and well crafted, with good suspense, and a great female lead. I’d say know your kid, and understand that this one isn’t so much about violence and deaths, but more so about the fear of the dark and not ever knowing what could be in it.

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Positive role models