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Parent reviews for Unplanned

Common Sense says

Very graphic content in faith-based abortion biopic.
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age 13+
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age 13+
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Adult Written byBesideStillwater March 29, 2019

The Next Erin Brochovich

The NATIONAL Planned Parenthood EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR reveals what actually happens behind the pink curtain, and what she had to say was worrisome enough that Planned Parenthood sought an injunction against her soon after she left...they failed. Whistleblowers risk everything to protect the public. I hope you will consider going to see Unplanned to empower yourself and embolden your opinion on public policy.
Adult Written byHoly Mama March 29, 2019

You must see this

Excellent movie. This story is true; don't believe the haters on other sites that post that this movie is about lies. You can't deny Abby Johnson was the director of PP, Bryan, Texas, and this is her experience. The most brilliant testimony to truth is that the man who played the abortionist/doctor is a former abortionist, Dr. Anthony Levatino, OBGYN. He confirms that this is accurate.
This movie is a must see for all adults, and children middle school aged and up. If you are a person who sincerely cares for women, you must see this. Please take the chance to educate yourself. It is also important to educate your kid in the truth, as they are faced with this issue even in middle school.

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Adult Written byMrsjiggems April 4, 2019


This movie portrays Planned Parenthood as some big bad corporation. It fails to show viewers how many women have had their lives saved by Planned Parenthood since they have free or discounted services for women, most of which most people can't afford on their own. So while they showed a graphic abortion, they failed to show the millions of women they saved by diagnosing them with cervical cancer, or all the unwanted pregnancies prevented by their free family planning services. The main message of the movie would be stronger had it been a well rounded informative piece instead of only relying on strong imagery to push the anti abortion agenda. This is kidt a longer version of a pro life commercial on TV with graphic content.
Adult Written byJoytotheword101 March 29, 2019

A movie for both sides and those who haven't decided

This movie was very well made. As previously stated, this film is based upon Abby Johnson's story. Through her life story, one might assume the movie aims to simply target Planned Parenthood or condemn those who believe in pro-choice. This is not so. Through telling Abby's story, the viewer gets the opportunity to learn the truth (the hard truth that most do not want to face) about not only abortion but also the way Planned Parenthood operates. I appreciated the fact that someone actually had the courage to speak on the topic honestly. This movie is based on Abby's book also titled Unplanned which I highly recommend reading no matter where you stand on the issue.
Most likely we all know someone affected by the choice of abortion, the consequences of such a crucial decision, so this movie should not only inform us, but hopefully motivate and encourage us to speak up and start conversations. Hopefully, we strive to answer the person instead of simply the question stated. I'm sorry this is so long, but this is such an important thing to speak to because people matter, women matter, babies matter, families matter. Please give this movie a fair chance even if you are a critic, especially if you're a critic or "on the fence" in some areas.

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Adult Written byVbs110 March 29, 2019

A Side Of Planned Parenthood Rarely Revealed

This is a movie with a difficult subject handled with compassion. There are disturbing scenes but ones important for society to see. I was very impressed with the quality of the film. Don’t miss it!

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byAllison M March 29, 2019

Excellent and realistic view of Planned Parenthood

I took my son (age 15) and daughter (age 13) to see this movie and my daughter looked away during some scenes because they were graphic and emotionally intense. The scenes with blood are pretty graphic; however, they did not appear to be exaggerated to me. The movie simply portrays the inherent trauma of both surgical and chemical abortion. Parents should definitely be aware that the bloody scenes are graphic and could be upsetting to a sensitive teenager. Having said that, I’m glad my kids saw the movie to see the violence of abortion and the emotional scars it leaves on the women.

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Positive role models
Adult Written byKoko2.0 March 29, 2019

Oscar Worthy!!!

A Must See!
Adult Written byDexter86 April 6, 2019

Wonderful Story of One Woman's Awakening

The wonderful true story about the awakening of Abby Johnson to the reality that she had murdered 22,000 innocent babies in the womb. When Abby Johnson, a Planned Parenthood director, watches a baby killed in the womb via an ultra sound image, she saw the clear reaction of the baby as it tried to escape the object that would suck its life into a cannister. The baby suffered a gruesome death. Abby learned a truth that the nation must learn to face head on. Mass murder, as in the cased of the Nazis, the communists, and the owners of slaves, is only possible when the killer declares that the victim is not human. Denial is the monster that allows this draconian procedure to continue. This movie shatters that wall of denial. Every person should see this film. It's the Schindler's List of our time.
Adult Written bychristinenoellm April 5, 2019

Everyone should watch this movie!

An amazing, powerful and very well made movie about the reality of abortion. I highly recommend everyone go to see this movie!

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Positive role models
Adult Written byNeon 999 April 5, 2019

Waste of time

This film is possibly one of the worst dramas i've ever seen. It is technically so inept. And the story is godawful the pacing is so speratic as scenes that should be major plot points are rushed past to make room for scenes of the lead crying. It can't even talk about abortion well it only presents one side of the argument so theres no real conflict between actual character ( like what happens in an actual story) instead the filmakers would rather shove their message forcefully down your throat. It's not even good propaganda you're not even given useful information about the subject because most audience memebers are already going in thinking abortion is bad so why try to convince anyone of anything?lets just show excessive gore. Thats almost as good as creating a compelling story with good charcters right? They don't even show that much gore. The film tires to be edgy but doesn' wantto make anyone think or be offended so it just looks amateurish. 15 and up
Adult Written byNYMIZ April 1, 2019

Plan on Bringing Your Teens to Unplanned

A powerful, moving drama with a heart big enough to deal with the subject of abortion with compassion for all stakeholders. The film is successful on so many levels: As a movie, as a message and as an opportunity. You will be inspired by Abby Johnson, empowered by a message of love and forgiveness, and actually come out with hope and a wonderful opportunity to have a frank conversation with your kids about this issue of life and death. Please ignore the secular panic attacks on this film, including from this website. This is a wonderfully-made, entertaining film that will forever change you. What more can you ask from a movie?

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Adult Written byFairyPrincessNyx April 1, 2019

Truth, Life, Love and Redemption

Incredible movie. I took my 17 year old son. A few parts were hard to watch, but considering the topic, it was necessary and very eye opening.
No matter what side you're on, see the movie, it's not judgmental, it's not about putting anyone down, it's about the truth, love and redemption.

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Adult Written bySchlote1 March 29, 2019

The truth

This movie tells the truth about the abortion giant "Planned Parenthood". There are realistic scenes of dripping blood after abortions so parents need to be aware of what their child can handle. Powerful true story that should be seen by as many people as possible.

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Positive Messages
Adult Written bytommartincic March 29, 2019

Deeply moving and impactful, Undeserved R Rating

Unplanned is a powerful film based on truth. If you want to keep your children in the dark about what really goes on during an abortion, the powerful strong-arm tactics and profit making prowess of Planned Parenthood, along with their dehumanizing outlook on children yet to be born, make sure you hide this movie from them.

The film does take a very compassionate position toward mothers choosing to have an abortion, and provides a very strong and compelling story of redemption and forgiveness as Abby struggles with the thought of being responsible for 22,000 abortions.

The opening scene is hard to watch without getting emotional, as it shows an abortion being done on a sonogram and the ensuing blood flowing through the suction tubes. Abby is horrified and so should anyone witnessing this inconvenient truth. But unless people see the truth of what really happens inside a clean and sterile building by men in white coats, they will not be able to have an informed opinion on the issue.

I would highly recommend this film for families with children of child-bearing age. It is ironic that teens can have an abortion without parental consent, yet need parental consent to see what an abortion really looks like and it's impact on the lives of women.

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Adult Written bybsa01 March 28, 2019

Very eye opening

I don't know if anyone could really prepare for such truth but I do value the story. Very well made.

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Parent Written bynuenjins August 22, 2019

Proof that monsters exist.

If you've ever seen the dismembered and recognizable body parts of an 8 week old fetus, it's a sight out of a horror film or disturbing crime scene. Anyone who tries to justify or explain away such abominable behavior against the most innocent among us exemplifies what a sociopath truly is. This is literally a crime of the most heinous kind. God help us all for this infanticide as we sacrifice children like sexual neanderthals.
Adult Written byamill210 August 17, 2019

Don’t miss this opportunity!

Unplanned does an excellent job of portraying the realities of the abortion industry, the abortion clinic experience and the message of hope given by *most* prolife organizations.

As someone with the unfortunate truth of first hand experience in choosing both life...and the “choice” (mistake) of choosing myself...I believe my opinion holds some weight.

I watched this movie with my oldest daughters; ages 11 and 13.
We stopped the movie over and over and over again to discuss important points:
How to lovingly and properly approach women in need, women who are broken and suffering. How NOT to treat those we know with different opinions. What the truths are, what the lies are and to shed light on the fact that they were both unplanned but that we love them so much and are so happy we chose life for them.

I was afraid it would be too much for them, but the conversations that happened were so encouraging.

Don’t be afraid to share this gem of truth and information with your older children on the cusp of teenage/adult hood.

It really holds such an important message. And nothing about it should have been considered rated R.

Think about this: Children can get abortions without their parents knowledge or consent...but a movie seeking to shed light on the truth and horrors of the abortion industry is rated R in hopes of keeping the truth form the very people it would sell the abortions too? Can you say corrupt?

Watch this movie. Share this movie. Don’t stay silent. Don’t stay ignorant.

Important points:
The ultrasound of the abortion happens right within the first few minutes. It’s disturbing, although, it’s clearly not an actual recorded procedure. I imagine it is as close as you can get though. It shows a 2D ultrasound of a 13 week gestation fetus/baby, being surgically removed (ripped apart literally limb by limb)

The remainder of the graphic content in the film is mild. A perforated uterus causes hemorrhaging in a scene, lots of blood is shown.

There are brief pictures of aborted babies on protesting signs.

There is a scene of Abby as a young woman going through a horrific abortion pill abortion in her bathroom.

Swearing is minimal. Message outstanding. Reality of the message is harsh...but important.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Parent of a 8 year old Written byAnnaKingston August 14, 2019


Does not portray important stuff accurately

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Parent of a 9 and 11 year old Written byLConklin0920 April 22, 2019

Wow!!!! A++++

I applaud Abby Johnson for her courage and her commitment to the truth.

God bless her. I pray many see this for what it truly is......murder!

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Positive Messages
Adult Written byTrustandobeynoo... April 5, 2019
Parents please take your teens to see this flick. Yes it is graphic at times. It has to be to tell the truth. I know several people who are volu ntering to tell the facts about this procedure. This movie should never have been rated R. Go with your teens.