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age 4+

Clumsy mishmash of a comedy has bland humor, mild violence.

The plot of this is extremely cliché, the songs all suck, the animation looks like something a youtube animator would make in Flash 8, the lip sync is garbage, and the acting is awful, especially Rob Schneider as Pinocchio.
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age 2+
1hr 42minutes I’m never getting back. Worst film I’ve ever seen. Couldn’t give less than 1 star but if I could I would’ve.
age 4+

Garfield: Journey to your mom is a poorly made quest

This adaptation of Garfield hardly stays true to its source material and tries to shoehorn in a bunch of dated pop culture references, too many characters, and a poorly developed quest storyline. Also most of the acting is very bad, such as Chris Pratt as Garfield, Rob Schneider as Odie, Jimmy Kimmel as Jon Arbukle, Beyoncé as Arlene, James Corden as Lyman, Pauly Shore as Harry, Breckin Meyer as Squeak, TJ Miller as Floyd and Rebecca Black as Liz Wilson. The only good thing is the nice animation and Taylor Swift as Nermal.