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age 17+

Sordid; Perilous; Relentless.

This title has:

Too much violence
age 11+

i liked it

i thought this movie was really good; it was super suspenseful and I live for that kind of thrill. there wasn't much gore or anything but the main factor of violence represented is the overall idea of this terrifying situation. it's not a supernatural horror film and it could have very much been a true story to somebody.
age 12+

Disappointing, mediocre thriller is forgettable and dull

Vacancy has a somewhat interesting idea, but is poorly executed. We get a dull, generic and bland thriller with a few inspired moments, however the film never really becomes as gripping or memorable as it could be. Disappointing is exactly how I’d describe this occasionally violent film that isn’t very scary. Just meh
age 12+

Pretty Good

It was a pretty good movie. On the back of the movie they said it’s a combination of Psycho and Saw. Even though those movies were much better than this one, I still think this is worth watching. It’s kind of creepy at times, and has some suspense, but I don’t think this should be rated R. More like PG-13 would do. I think any kid can watch this as long as they’re over 10 and don’t get scared easily.
age 14+

I Loved it

Vacancy was awesome it has a lot of F-words though, and it is pretty violent it's a great movie to watch, ask a parent if your under 17 to watch it though.

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much swearing
age 12+

Awsome movie

I loved this movie. The only reason it is r is because of the language. There was't that much violence. It has a brief glance of breasts. But it is only for a second.
age 13+


I loved to watch horror movies when I was 12 and 13, and I saw this one with two friends at 1 in the morning. I found no part of it to be scary, which really says something, since I was terrified of EVERYTHING when I was 13. I think the main problem with this movie was the horror was too predictable. This movie