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True story of kid's gender exploration that ends in murder.
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Adult Written byLaceyf0215 January 28, 2021

Making the killer the victim !

I think children of all ages should watch this to educate them on bullies and accepting those who are different. Brandon was clearly a bully. He killed in cold blood a young man for his differences. This was
So tragic and heartbreaking then to make it worse they turn the KILLER into the victim which is disgusting. At the age of
14 you know right from wrong. You know that shooting someone in the back of the head not only once but twice is murder!! And yes, it was premeditated! Those jurors and teachers wouldn’t have been supporting him if it were their kid he killed in cold blood. He is a killer and it Is disgusting that this documentary focused more on the killer and less on the ACTUAL victim ! He should have received life !!!! There was NO reason at all that could justify what he did to Larry ! And it shows you how closed minded and ignorant people are !! Also, to the ONE teacher who made Larry feel accepted and loved and free to be himself,
You are the real hero in all of this ! More people should be like you! To those other teachers, saying basically it was his fault because of how he wore makeup and dressed, you are disgusting and you are what is wrong with this world today. I hope you do not have kids because If you do I’m sure they will be as closed minded as you and probably as messed up as Brandon !!! If you have kids and watch this movie, and you have as little compassion for Larry as they
Did in this documentary, then I feel bad for your children. Because had that been one of my children that got murdered in cold blood, Brandon would do LIFE because
I would make sure of it ! The message this documentary sends is it’s ok to kill someone who is different then you.
Adult Written bymaryk2 November 7, 2017

End intolerance

This documentary is sad and very hard to watch. As a society, we need to be tolerant of differences. Please talk to your children about tolerance, acceptance, and understanding.