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Great role models
age 5+

My sensitive boy enjoyed this movie

My 5 year old loved this. Some of the humor may have gone over his head but he loved he story of Valient and was not frightened by the evil falcons. He can be sensitive to scary movies but this one he was not frightened and enjoyed the simple story of heroics.

This title has:

Great role models
Too much violence
not rated for age

Not a great movie for children

My 5-year old had a hard time understanding why the pigeons were in the war--this brought up lots of other issues, like who was the shooting guns at the airplanes? Who were the Bad Guys? Why were they so angry? Not a great movie for young children, overall. Save your money and stay home.
not rated for age
not rated for age

No thanks!

I don't appreciate war propaganda aimed at preschoolers.
not rated for age

It's a WWII film spoof lost on kids

It's quite alright. But only if you've already seen a dozen black and white WWII films, preferrably stiff English ones. Otherwise, there isn't enough there for the kids. Mine I think were bored (though the always express gratitude for going to a real movie). It's a spoof really, but parody only works if you know what's being goofed on.
not rated for age
not rated for age

appropriate but, boring to my child

I took my daughter to see this and she got bored. She was able to watch the whole movie but, she asked when it was over, barely halfway through the movie! I thought it was pretty appropriate and entertaining to me. At the end of the movie, my daughter said " I don't want to buy that movie." ( I wanted it! =) )
not rated for age

not that great

A little over the heads of most children. It is basically a WWII film in animation. The information at the end of the film about how animals aided in the war was interesting, but in my opinion a true documentary would've done their memory better service than this piece. Lots of scary stuff for the little ones, so I would save it for the older kids.
not rated for age