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Underage girl portrayed sexually

About thirty minutes in a girl said to be 17 in seen in her bra for a couple minutes. Sexuality implied. Besides that no other notable sexuality.

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Too much sex
age 15+

Dark funny humor with some 'philosophy'

This is my type of humor, so this review is very biased. We enjoyed seeing Ben's introspective journey. Despite the exaggerated stereotypes there is depth to the characters.

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Great messages
age 14+

Vengeance - ok in my book!

This movie was very good. My daughter is a huge fan of The Office, so that was the main appeal. Upon viewing this, we both felt that it was a fabulous movie. Yes, the “don’t judge a book by its cover” saying is very true. There are many stereotypical characters that prove to have a deeper and more profound role than one would expect - which in this day and age is refreshing. The main thing that I use Common Sense for is to judge the appropriateness of films, and this is the first time that I’ve been inclined to leave my own review. While I admittedly committed to watching the movie before I’d done my research, I felt completely comfortable watching this movie with my daughter. Opioid addiction is a real problem, and I felt that it being an underlying plot line where it was portrayed so negatively and realistically was very educational to see. There was quite a bit of foul language, but nothing my kids haven’t heard before. There were references to sex, but nothing explicit, and no depictions. The violence was on par with expectations, and realistic enough to be shocking, yet it wasn’t gory or gratuitous. All in all, we both left the theater discussing how well the movie was made, and being pleasantly surprised at its depth.