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Parent of a 7 and 15 year old Written byParentReviewz January 2, 2013


VHS is a horror anthology consisting of 5 Short Horror Stories and One Main Plot That The Tapes Revolve Around. Here is a summary of those, TAPE 56 (MAIN PLOT) - A Gang of Criminals That Force Women To Flash On Camera And Vandalize Houses And Other Property, Are Hired To Break Into a House and Steal a VHS Tape, But When They Get There They Don't Know Which One and Decide to Watch Some Of Them. (This "Story" Is Shown Before, In between, and After Every Tape.) AMATEUR NIGHT - Three Friends Hide a Video Camera In One of Their Glasses and Rent a Motel Room Intending on Bringing Women Back To Have Sex. They Bring Home a Strange Girl Who Says No More Than "I Like You" This One Has The Most Sexual Content (References and Nudity) And Is The Goriest. VERY GRAPHIC AND BRUTAL. SECOND HONEYMOON - A Couple On Their Honeymoon Go Out in the West and The Girl Receives a Fortune as a Strange Women Begins Stalking Them. The Only Violence is a Bloody and Graphic Throat Slitting With Dark Red Blood Squirting Everywhere With The Victim Thrashing Around. HOWEVER, THIS ONE IS VERY CREEPY AND ONE OF THE SCARIEST. TUESDAY THE 17TH - Four Twenty Year Olds Go On A Camping Trip In the Woods Where They Find Out Is The Site That a Serial Killer Murdered Three Twenty Year Olds The Previous Year. VERY GORY AND GRAPHIC BUT DONE IN A CAMPY WAY. THE KILLER IS VERY SCARY LOOKING AS HE IS NEVER SHOWN (HE IS SHOWN AS A SILHOUETTE OBSCURED BY TRACKING ERRORS.) THE SICK THING THAT HAPPENED TO EMILY WHEN SHE WAS YOUNGER - A Boyfriend and Girlfriend are Chatting on Skype due to the woman thinking her apartment is haunted. THE ENDING SCENE IS GRAPHIC HOWEVER SHOWN BRIEFLY. ****SPOILER ALERT*** The Sick thing that happened to emily is that her boyfriend and a group of aliens use her body as an incubator for alien/human hybrids and that they make it look like she hurts herself. 10/31/98 - A Group of Friends Go To a House Which They Believe is the site of the Halloween Party They Were Invited To. THE LEAST INTENSE AND IS SIMILAR TO A HAUNTED HOUSE, JUST A BUNCH OF NON GRAPHIC JUMP SCARES. Overall, This Movie is VERY Scary and is NOT FOR KIDS UNDER 21
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much sex
Adult Written bychristian2011 January 30, 2014

Very violent and eerie anthology film not suitable for children nor teens alike.

VHS has very similar concepts to the paranormal activity franchise, yet the whole film captured on camera footage throughout, which may cause nausea and dizziness for those not used to it. Unlike the paranormal activity movies, VHS is far more violent in terms of graphic bloody violence and gore, contains more frequent, strong language (over 100 uses of f**k), and strong sexual activity including graphic male and female nudity (breasts, buttocks, genitalia). VHS is very slow and exasperating in the beginning part, but gets slightly better when the video tapes begin. Several tapes show a group of guy who pick up a particularly strange female from a bar who later turns out to be something more sinister; friends going hitchhiking and encounter a unworldly serial killer, and a young woman who reveals eerie paranormal activity in her own apartment, including the reveal of a dark cult inside an abandoned house. VHS is a good movie for hardcore horror fans due to the sheer amounts of terror, disturbing imagery, gory violence, and graphic sexual content. However, the film doesn't contain an inventive and creative storyline and relies only on the shock and gore factor, plus the same old cliché of young friends venturing out on their own dimwitted tenacity which inevitably ends with their own demise. Violence (5/5) Language (5/5) Sex (4/5) Drugs (2/5) Intensity (4/5)
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Parent of a 3, 3, and 5 year old Written byjonallypugliese1023 November 1, 2013

great movie

I would watch this with my kids when they get older my husband and I love horror movies I really like this movie want to see the second one