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Irreverent dead-body comedy has plenty of iffy stuff.
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Teen, 13 years old Written bytheboysbros January 14, 2020


i'm going to count all the swear lines in order (TRUE)-

your a*s, cheap bastards, a god damn, rat sh*t, god damn raspberry, bull sh*t, son of a b**ch, holy sh*t, god damn pool, a*s, piece of sh*t, (f**k off) baby a*s hole, break my a*s, where the hell, son of a b**ch, timing bastard, who the hell, the hell, god damn-it, what the hell, me bastard, son of a b**ch, company son of a b**ch, son of a b**ch, what the hell, little bastard, kiss my a*s, rat sh*t, little bastard, sh*t, boat sh*t, a*s kissing, lazy sh*t, god damn keys, bastard, in the a*s, what the hell, oh sh*t, what the hell, wise a*s, of hell, damn fool, damn good, get the hell, you bastards, son of a b**ch, little bastards, you bastard, sh*t, hell down.

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Kid, 11 years old July 30, 2019

GREAT MOVIE but not good for kids

this movie is very funny but whoever I reading this should know that there is lots of sexual references like a woman humping a dead man's body. also there is lots of cursing like sh*t fu*k bit*h and many more. and also a man is killed with very little violence. and there is lots of drinking and smoking

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Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Teen, 15 years old Written bycola January 4, 2016
I really liked this movie. I thought some parts were hilarious such as how everybody was talking to Bernie like he was alive because they thought he was and the kid is funny too.You should really watch this movie. It also uses dramatic irony which is useful if your kid is learning about it in school. The dramatic irony in the story is that Both of the main characters know that Bernie is dead and the watcher knows that he is dead too. But the party guests dont. Anyways its a hilarious movie. But there are some inappropriate scenes for younger audiences : A lady is implied to have had sex with Bernie in his bed because she thinks he is alive,The scene where Bernie dies might be frightening,There is gun violence as well,and the whole movie deals with a Dead guy. It is so funny though so just watch it. I was laughing just writing this review.