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age 8+

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age 9+

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age 7+

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age 8+
age 13+

For teens and up

The story is around high school students so dating and breakups are discussed. Also some partying. Overall it is ok but not for kids below 13.

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much sex
age 8+

IFFY for 8 ON for 9.

a great and funny and action packed movie. there is a little bit to much crushes and vilonce for kids under 8 though. So this movie is OFF for 7 and under. IFFY for 8 and ON for 9.
age 8+

Great teen girl heroine of color!

Great teen girl heroine of color (Brenda Song as Wendy Wu) who is active and ambitious about her goals and not just interested in boys. The "violence" is not the kind of violence that is a problem for kids to see — it is actually quite inspiring to see this kind of martial arts on film and I am always trying to find films for my daughters to watch that tell stories about girls pursuing their dreams and not just being rescued by boys or trying to marry the prince.
not rated for age


not rated for age

good and so geat

This is the geates movies you did so fear. I love the warrior. It was so so geat yes it was. I love it. You did a good and a geat job it is so so geat and I love it really.
not rated for age


This movie is a work of art by Disney! Brenda Song does an amazing job as Wendy Wu the Homecoming Warrior. In the movie Wendy excepts her responsibility and shows us all that anything is possible!
not rated for age

Everybody loved it

My nine year old daughter LOVED this movie; the six year old thought it was "really cool". The 11 year old complained but stayed to watch. I am bored to tears by martial arts, so the big fight scene at the end didn't thrill me as much as it did the kids. It was well choreographed, though, and no blood was spilled. Watch out; your kids might want to practice some of the moves. I had to remind mine about Hollywood vs. reality. Lots of good stuff to talk about: Wendy's boyfriend is REALLY shallow, and they break up once Wendy has more important things to do than look cute (plus, her "cousin" Shen is around taking an interest in her as a person, not just a trophy). The parents love each other and Grandma is a supportive background presence. Wendy learns to embrace her Asian heritage without turning her back on American style. All in all, a good family flick.