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Adult Written byChrissy505 March 8, 2009


This was an amazing, amazing movie with memorable characters and a wonderful story. It's also very sad I started crying when Tony gets killed and when Maria takes the gun and wants to kill herself. It's beautiful. I highly suggest it for older kids because my little brother started crying really really hard and asked if he was dead (I told him he was just passed out so he wouldn't cry harder). Still an amazing movie though. See it See it See it!!!!!!!
Adult Written bysbdreamin April 9, 2008

Great for conversation on social issues

West Side Story is another classic, along the lines of To Kill a Mockingbird, except with some fantastic singing and dancing. The social message is the whole point of the movie; it is a modern day Romeo and Juliet, where the boy and girl, due to their social backgrounds, are NOT supposed to be together but fall in love anyway. There is a lot of stuff about race, gangs, etc. that is still relevant over 40 years later. There are fights and violence and a main character gets killed, so this is not for the littlest ones... save this for your jr. high school and up age kids, unless very mature.
Adult Written bypaddy19 April 9, 2008


I disagree, I think this movie should not be R. This movie is a classic musical and I think it brings up a lot of good topics. Yes you might have to talk to you child afterwards about parts but that is what it is there for. It is to bring up thoughts and to bring publicity to problems that were happening in the US. I watched this when I was in middle school and liked it and understood it. I do believe that some children might not be ready for it, but it is a classic because it is a good movie and musical.
Adult Written byrmgondella April 9, 2008

High Art But Not For Children

We thought we'd let our 9 and 6 year olds see this one... Boy what a mistake! The violence is visceral, there's a great deal of hate language to explain, and at the end of the day, a musical in this context is hard to explain... Like, why are they singing and dancing when they're killing and beating each other up? A pretty good bet for a high school junior or senior, when prefaced with the proper sociological background. But no matter how good the movie is (and it's one of the best ever) it is definitely NOT suitable for children 16 or under.
Adult Written byyuri13 February 8, 2016

A great classic that is surprisingly violent!!

In my opinion, "West Side Story" is along with "Cabaret" and "Singing in the Rain" as the top 3 greatest musical film ever made and one of the top-10 films of all time. But i don't think that kids it's the best audience for this film. There is considerable violence including stabbings and fights, but the most awful scene comes with the rape attempt. There's nothing explicit and the rape doens't happens but the scene is VERY intense. Nothing sexual, only a scene which a female is preparing a night for sex but nothing explicit. Even so, the point of the film is that hate only cause hate and there's no winner in that fight.
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Great messages
Great role models
Too much violence
Adult Written byOliviaReviewsIt September 14, 2015

A Win For Musical Fans Down Through The Generations

This musical is one of my favorites. It has a fantastic story, great songs, and will go down in history as one of the best musicals ever made. I first watched this movie in my drama class and was intrigued by the story. It is definitely a drama based on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, and the writers were able to pull of the classic story very well in this musical. Violence: There is some violence in this movie, and quite a bit of violent themes. The Jets (New Yorkers) are rivals with the Sharks (Puerto Rican immigrants) and there is a lot of taunting, name-calling, and physical contact. At the end there is a few deaths, and some mild blood visible on a knife. Language: mild. A few uses of 'damn'. Sexual: It is implied that two of the characters had a sexual encounter. The movie is also very long, so I wouldn't recommend watching it in one sitting, especially with younger audiences. Overall, this movie has some great messages about true love, and how not all endings are always happy.
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Great messages
Great role models
Adult Written byfonzieg April 3, 2015

An overlooked gem, a true musical masterpiece!

One of the very best musicals of all time! Let's go back to the 60's and see West Side Story! A brilliantly acted, well constructed musical with great music! Adults will be more interested, but this would make a great family film, it they have long attention spans! But yeah, it's a great film, i highly recommend it!