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What a Girl Wants

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Predictable and uninspiring

This film is very predictable. It's a shame that these quality actors were given so little to do. Bynes is charming, but comes across a bit too vapid and of course the film wraps up in a tight little package that is grossly unrealistic. At times the film feels like a throwback to the Princess Diaries and Sabrina and Gigi and and and...everyone is charming on the surface but there is not much tofu underneath. The patriarchal overtones and its gatekeepers are all over this teen flick.
age 12+

Clichéd 'Fairy Tale'

While this film seems a bit harmless and fun, the lack of a believable storyline really hampered it. If this is really 'What a girl wants,' she is never going to get it in real life! Too cliched, implausible and unrealistic. It is basically a fairy tale, but not an interesting one ...
age 10+

Ok for kids!

I thought this film was fine. At times I felt as if there was a tad too much chemistry between Colin Firth and Amanda though. Even though he is her father in the film, there were times it appeared to me like he wanted to kiss her. I would let my kids watch it (if I had kids). No sex or violence!