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Appealingly silly romp for kids and adults.
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Parent of a 8-year-old Written bylaurenwray March 16, 2019


Very funny for my 6 & 7 year old. Enjoyed watching as a family. Zero sex scenes, which is tough to find.
Adult Written bySpencer H. March 28, 2020

One of my all time favorites fine for 10 and up

I feel CSM has raised the bar far too high in saying this is appropriate for 12 and up. I think 10 is a more appropriate age. Yes there is a handful of profanity, but it is only meant to be comedic. Some younger children may be confused by some of the jokes and situations about mental health, but this movie also can provide some great discussions for families about character development. The nice thing about the profanity in this film is that it comes mostly within the same scenes, and is not sporadic like most other movies. So if your concerned about showing this to your kids you can preview it and the profanity should be fairly easy to mute or fast forward. The main character does make a sex joke in the latter half of the movie, but it is actually rather light and can be fast forwarded easily as well. There is a subplot near the end of one of the main characters trying to kill the other but it is all played for laughs and not violent. Bill Murray's character is a man who doesnt understand boundaries and drives his psychiatrist played by Richard Dreyfuss insane becasue he wont leave his or his family's lives. This could be a good film to illustrate the necessity of boundaries to kids and should give adults and kids lots of laughs. It also should be noted to your kids that situations like the ones in this movie are very unrealistic and if Richard Dreyfuss' character truly was bothered by Bill Murray's character Dreyfuss could call the police or file a restraining order in real life. So explain to your kids it's just meant to be funny skip over a few profane and crude scenes and enjoy one of the best comedies and in my opinion, films of all time!

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Adult Written bytheboysbrosss October 2, 2019
4 b**ch, (2 of them are s.o.b) 3 hell, 1 d**k ( bad for pg? really
Adult Written bykimballtay August 31, 2020

Hilarious movie; strange ending

The whole movie is really funny but it almost seems like the director wasn’t quite sure how to end the movie.

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Adult Written byPrairieDawn42 April 29, 2021

Quite funny, great performances

We watched this with our two early teens and everyone enjoyed it. Richard Dreyfus is great as the uptight "expert." Bill Murray is great as the anxious can't-take-a-hint patient. The family who embraces Bob is full of great role models. They see right through Bob's "annoyingness" to his big, kind heart. The Dr. loses it toward the end and there are explosives involved, so that's why I'd say at least 10? My 12 and 14 yo's picked up right away that it wasn't going to end with anyone being blown to smithereens. If this were remade today, they'd likely do a few things differently, but it holds up remarkably well, considering. The fact that Bob ultimately finds his home is quite sweet.

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Written byAnonymous September 3, 2017

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Adult Written byAidan S. April 4, 2015
Adult Written byAllen Wang April 17, 2013

What About Bob Review

I Think, The Movie "What About Bob?" is A Funny Hilarious Film And So, T
he Movie is A Bit of Violence And Language in Some Scene I Watched And
I Want Parents To Be Sure To Protect Their Children From And Watch It S
afely And You'll Never Know It's Rating of This Film And Don't Trust The F
ilm's Director Frank Oz! Thank You!

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byG3 April 9, 2008
Adult Written byquest13 April 9, 2008