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What Lies Beneath

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age 15+

A nice, creepy thriller.

This film is quite good when you're in the mood for something a little creepy and you're into supernatural stuff. It's somewhat slow but the story is interesting enough to keep watching. I owned it on VHS for the longest time and just finally bought the DVD! Michelle Pfeiffer plays a mom named Claire who's only child is going off to college. Claire seems lonely most of the time even while living with just her scientist husband who works a lot. She meets a mysterious woman next door who seems utterly sad and afraid but after meeting the woman's husband, Claire discovers by him that his wife is actually dead. Claire then believes that the husband murdered her and that the woman's spirit is trying to tell Claire a message. Paranormal activities start happening around the house especially when her husband is working. The real truth finally unfolds with a nice twist at the end. The film makes you think and feel - may have you looking over your shoulder half the time. Violence isn't bad - mainly scary themed situations. There is references to a murder. Sexual content is average - references to adultery, Claire acts sexy in a red dress in one scene, Claire and her husband mistake late night moaning sounds for sex from outside, so they get excited and hop into bed. That's about it. There is some strong language for a PG-13. Good for teens as young as 15 who are interested, although I think more older 18+ and adults will enjoy and appreciate it most.

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Too much sex
Too much swearing
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age 16+

Starts off strong then goes a little bit off the rails.

I am not a fan of horror...however, this film has been suggested by many people and I finally gave it a go. That first hour is great! Captivating and creepy, the film feels like a how-to film for women being gaslit by their husbands. In the second hour is when it gets a bit more other-worldly and although some claim the film flies off the rails I think it is an enjoyable ride that fulfills its promise of a good time.
age 15+

Fine for teenagers

This was my very first scary movie, and back in the day it really freaked me out! However, with repeated viewings it lost some of it's punch. It is still a movie worth watching just to see the interaction between Michelle Phifer and Harrison Ford. There are some scary scenes and a lot of things jump out at you, which makes it kind of fun. It's not for young kids, but teenages will handle it just fine!

This title has:

Too much violence
age 14+

lame but awesome

love it :P my title says it all. haha. harry is adorable xox
age 13+

He pays the price

Slow to start but a good movie that shows consequences.